Build a 100MPH FPV racing drone. FULL SETUP GUIDE Part 2


How to setup an fpv racing drone with betaflight, how to bind your radio to your receiver and how to set up bl heli suite. A complete beginners guide to setting up …


  1. Bro love your vids i built the 5s but i used a walkera 12ch sbus reciever with a devo 7 transmitter which they did bind but on beta flight the reciver tab shows that its not responding to the command im sending i switched in between the uarts and still no luck stu please help i know its all wired right bc of the motor test on beta im so close to flying

  2. hi stew, just built this drone today but I cant get the transmitter to show up on betaflight, I have followed all the steps in this video twice and still nothing. any help from anyone would be great

  3. on the betaflight > Receiver part when I plug my battery it wont recognize my radio? help me pls I change my config to serial based receiver and sbus but still doesnt recognize.

  4. ok so I built this stew, and I have everything correct on the board know I have bound it up there a green light I have the taranis qx7 but in betaflight the receiver tab I turn it on there is nothing like it is not bound I cant arm or do anything. I was wondering if you could help me or any body else.


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