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Check this drone out here – Support us on Patreon: When we picked this up for ourselves, it was selling for around $450, and even through…


  1. The range is terrible The tech is available to do 2.6 miles The Camera is really clear on panning but that’s the software. They tweaked it to lag so it gives more clarity If it was not lag you would see the video would be really bad no doubt. It’s not $900 But it’s not coming close to a Mavic in any way except it’s appearance. That’s a bad combo You have to have something superior Where’s the sales point price ? Your way better off with a DJI phantom standard The video is fantastic. I think it’s better then the Mavic I shoot with. If they can build the Spark with a 28 min flight battery ? Why would anyone buy anything else ? I’m surprised China does not sell extended battery knock offs . Will be a long long time before anyone copies a Mavic pro. And it would have to be less money and equal quality. The engineers at DJI must love watching with beer these mimic drones. lol

  2. It's easy to change modes on that. With the controller off hold the throttle off (which ever side that's on) and press and hold the button under it as you turn the controller on, presto mode changed.

    Dance the Skies

  3. Hi Nate/Abbie. Have you guys seen the new Autel EVO drone? Its supposed to be competition for the mavic for about the same price. I'm thinking about getting one just to compare. I love my mavic though so its going to be a hard sell for me. lol

  4. I've seen a couple of reviews six months (or more) ago on the Obtain and think this must be an upgraded model of the same name as it looks pretty much the same but preforms 100% better. I know the original was not sold and long and was complete junk whereas this one is half way decent. Of course this still needs work but now looks more like software issues. Is there a mini usb port on this that looks like it could be used to upgrade it?
    Anyway great review and here's hoping they fix problems. For half the price I'd be interested if they do more improvements, the first go around was a complete joke.

    Dance the Skies

  5. Hi RcSaylors, thanks for sharing. Couledyou make a review of the ZD Racing 9053 1:16 brushless monster truck, i just got one, it's amazing, fast and very controllable. $93 with coupon from gearbest. I just want poeple to know how good it is, if they are thinking about getting a smaller truck that can handle any terrain it seems and most importantly, it's fun. Thanks.

  6. I guess the Mavic will be the standard by which all foldable drones will have to compete with. DJI did a beautiful job of cramming every piece of technology hardware & software that $1000 would buy. I could not resist being a part of a technology that exudes "fun". Whether it be actually flying it to charging the batteries to understanding all of the advanced settings and calibrations required to enjoy this hobby immensely. Even the troubleshooting to understanding 'forward sensor calibrations' and gimbal adjustments add tremendously to a hobby you have to come to grips with. 
    So what comes after this? Huh, I can't wait to find out.

  7. Hi friend, I have a c-fly obtain f803, I'm having problems of signal loss or interference, in low distance and altitude, about 40 high and 15 distance in average, he is returning home, giving RTH, I am flying here in my city with the radio controller, and I've flown in several places. I send several emails to c-fly company and they do not respond. I recently sent a video to the representative chandler and he told me to try to fly in a place with less interference , but I do not understand why I have 02 hubsan h501ss and h502e, and I never had this problem of signal loss or interference, I sent several emails to chandler requesting technical support, if possible change the driver channel 2.4g and it does not I still answered the emails

  8. the footage from the camera is the same as if you got a cheap toy drone and put it on a gimbal… it's awful but stabilized which can be done/improved with software, the crappy footage can't… I would buy it if it had a good camera for videos but it is really bad for the price…


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