Blade Torrent 110 – Micro Drone


TJ and Alex are kickin’ it at the park with the Torrent 110 by Blade! Want to know more? Check the Torrent 110 here: …


  1. hey there would this quad be good for a semi beginner? i know how to fly generally but really could use some assistance till i log more time on quads… does the torrent have self leveling and or self hovering features? i have a flamewheel450 i got w my dx6 and it has the naza lite w gps a couple years back when everything first was starting out w dji and such… i say i am a beginner because i do not know how to tune the quad w the computer or anything with the remote besides basic bnf setups… i dont really know rate or expos or how to trim and what buttons do what… could u do a quick dx6 or same tutorial for the beginners flyers like myself?

    would this be a good quadcopter for me? i want something i can fly outside and is stable and i can learn to fly and fpv… please let me know if there is self hovering or leveling that would be great if there is both… also if u could do a spektrum dx6 video and just help people like myself learn how to assign switches, and what the basic things we need to kno, how to trim, what dual expo, rates, and all that means and does, and how we can setup our quads… i would love to learn to tune my quad and get the flamewheel up and i would be honored if i could send it on out to you guys and have you tune it for me i will send the quad and remote and everything you need battery and such i would be honored if you could help me setup and tune my quad so i can fly it learn to fly and since its not top notch tech nemore i wont feel bad crashing and learning to fix it… please help me learn to fly please help me setup my quadcopter or make a video to help me i would be honored if u would take a look at it or get in touch with me and we can go over it on video or something… thanks hope to hear from u..


  2. The only reason I wouldn't say its for a beginner is the FPV antenna will break off the board with a few headers. Newbie is not going to realize that the antenna isn't connected anymore. I put a clover and tiny plastic L bracket to protect the antenna.Also needs a buzzer. The cam is not that great. White vailed image, runcam swift is amazing.

  3. Just a little something on the FAA registration as of May 19th Taylor versus the Federal Aviation Administration the Appellate Court struck down the FAA regulations actually it's more like a suggestion and it was reaffirmed by Congress that the FAA can't make that rule that rule "336" is Null and void and is a matter of fact it is in the works that people are trying to get their $5 back that the FAA took from them so that law or regulation if you will suggestion is null in void

  4. I was so disappointed with this quad the camera sucks the propellers suck yeah the props are easy to fix but that camera still sucks and 2 minute flight times really sucks I will stick with my big quads 5 and 6 inch

  5. I've seen that almost everyone is reporting that the Torrent has HORRENDOUS drift in horizon / angle mode. I find it interesting that you are recommending this quad for new pilots as basically this quad can only be flown in rate mode in it's current iteration. Just go on Horizon Hobby's website and check out the reviews to see all the reported problems. FliteTest were you aware of these issues before making this review and recommendation? Many people in this hobby look up to y'all for sound advice, don't let them down.

  6. how durable are these? I'm deciding between one of these or a piko owl v2. the ducts on this look a little thin for brushless and the piko owl v2 looks like the ducts are stronger I would often fly inside so I don't want to fall down a two story high ceiling and bend a duct and wait 3 weeks for a new frame.

  7. It's been out of stock for weeks. So has the Vortex 150. Your videos convinced me to purchase the 150, and I waited for weeks to purchase it from you. I ended up purchasing elsewhere. When are you getting the Torrent back in stock?

  8. ive watched everysingle one of your vidios and ive always wanted a multiroter or plane but i cant afford it my family is in hard times my mom is very sick and my sister needs special food im just very intersted in the hobby and would really love to meet you guys and do what you guys do one day i hope you read this.

  9. Looks like a decent platform. Very lightweight so you don't break anything in a crash and plenty of power, however I think the price point of 200 $ is a little high for a micro.

    PS: Nice review guys, I really like the style of your reviews. While others do the flying and review part separately, you switch it up and do them together.


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