Blade Chroma Camera Drone


MAN and RotorDrone Magazine editor Gerry Yarrish shows how easy it is to fly and operate the new Chroma quadcopter from Blade. Equipped with a gimbal …


  1. I just got mine and I have it ready to fly, unfortunately, I live in Mich and am at the mercy of the weather. I choose the 1080p version because I don't own anything to take advantage of the 4k system. I think, if I happen to see big foot while flying around, he will look pretty good in 1080p. LOL

  2. Step 1. Turn on the ST10+ Transmitter.
    Step 2: Turn on the Blade Chroma Quadcopter via the switch on the fuselage.
    3. Get into the transmitter menu and press the GEAR logo and scroll down to CALIBRATION.
    4. Choose COMPASS. You now have 30 seconds to rotate the Blade Chroma via the flashing lights and oriented to TRUE NORTH to prperly calibrate the Blade Chroma.

    ** It is very important you do this because without a proper calibration you risk losing your Quadcopter if something goes wrong.

    The video is correct about being easy and stable to fly but doing a proper CALIBRATION is critical and should always be a part of your PRE FLIGHT CHECKLIST.


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