Blade Chroma Camera Drone Closer Look, Flying & Size Comparison


Blade Chroma Camera Drone Closer Look & Flying Get your’s here: …


  1. DUDDEEEEE!!!!! Pleaseeeee i need your help so bad!!! first off i wanna thank you so much for all your videos, They're so helpful! but can you please please make a video on how to upload your footage to your mac????? I've recorded so many video but i cant open them on my computer, ive tried converting them, ive tried contacting Horizon hobby but like always they're no help!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can this be programmed to do grid flights , eg , 1.5 km south then return back to start and rerun the same route only 3 metres to the west and continue this pattern to cover a 5km sqare area at 3 m intervals ????

  3. hi.. can i fly my blde chroma indoor and can i adjust trim to make it stable indoor flight? and im having gps signal lost.. how can i fix it.. i have heard of a large gps available.. what is it.. thank you

  4. Hello, i got my Blade Chroma ST10+ CG02 almost 1 year ago. I am now looking for FPV Google glasses that would be compatible with it ? Fat Shark Teleporter V4 ? Fat Shark Dominator HD V2 Goggles ? FatShark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles ? SkyZone FPV glasses ? Headplay HD Goggles ? Which would you recommand for an immersion and abordable price ? Thank you in advance.

  5. This was a really useful video demo of the Chroma and its features. I have been undecided about building a drone or buying a ready-to-fly drone. Can you tell me if the motors, props, batteries, radio on the Chroma are upgradable with third-party components?

  6. Im a very new noob. i have only flown the ones with no camera. And not quads. Just the ones that look like Helicopters. I want to get one of these that have some flight time. I know none of them fly long. But want one that will fly long enough to make at least 10 minute videos. I will get extra batteries to keep flying, and wont have to keep charging the same battery just to make another video. i see the cheap ones in stores. But dont know what place to look for the good ones, except the internet.

  7. WOW, I just chatted with Horizon hobby "Tim" , I ask him if the "Fly Away issue been resolved ? and tells me .." I have never heard of Blade fly aways" .. , and I copy and pasted this Youtube link to him. I ended chat with this vid.., then he replies, 6 month warranty, which I still cannot find on their website. I actually have a 500+ and 4k Yuneec, and was looking for something a bit smaller for indoor real estate.. Oh well, still looking. Great vid by the way. 30 minute wait time numerous times must be the " I hope he hangs up " wait period from issues like this, sucks!! I'm with you bro.

  8. Great Vids, Now this question goes out to all who have the knowledge, which out of the Chroma, Q500 or Phantom do you prefer, I would need ease of use as im a noob, and ideally the quietest copter out of the three, any advice would be great, as my mind is getting cooked watching all the different reviews, Thanks In Advance

  9. Just watched your video, very impressed! I like your sites price, they all, the quadcopters, seem to be about the same price for this feature set whatever the brand.
    In the video, even in shade it looked like a whole lot of reflection in the screen on the controller, how is it in sunlight?
    What do extra batteries cost and how long does the stock one last? Same as others, 20 to 30 minutes?
    I AM GETTING A CAMERA COPTER!!! So since the market has grown so much I'm doing the shopping! This one is a good possibility with what I've seen.

  10. it is possible to remove the camera from the 4K model to put a pro go because I want to use to go pro for live transmission in performances, and 4k for possible recording, or has the pass trough of 4k?
    I have to use a Video Tx / Rx?
    thank you

  11. This drone is not worth $499 plus $120. For a battery that's  crazy I don't like manufacturers that tell you that you have to use their batteries and chargers  I have five charges  they work with all my batteries I have the Q 500 and the blade Qx3 you could change batteries on the blade you could use any brand as long as it fits and the q500 if you really want to there's  is a  EC3 connector in the back if you want to could run a wire on the side and use a different  battery very easy to do


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