Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone | Flite Test


We try out the Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone’s autonomous Follow Me Mode and Tracking Mode feature! Learn more about the Chroma 4K Camera Drone …


  1. HEY GUYS QUICK QUESTION!!!OK SO LONG STORY SHORT!!! I Crashed My Chroma for the 1st time,,The drone landed in the Grass and the Camara landed STR8 ON the Curb:/Soo I got Everyrhing Fixxed and flying good,,BUT I don't want to buy a 400$ cam JUST for my drone,!SOOO Wouldn't it be a WISER Choice to get a GoPro And Just Connect it!!??

  2. One of these fucking camera drones was hovering over me and my girlfriend the other day, when we were just having aย really nice evening, private, special, not that way pervs, but special anyway, thing is, yard nextdoor had sounds of small children playing, so; what was controller of drone looking at?, i climbed a fucking tree about 20ft tall to try to find out where controller, couldn't see, could literally be mile off, girlfriend was pissed off too, frustrating, if i had myย gun? well i didn't, as was in public space, how do you solve this problem? don't own dutch trained eagle or emp emitter so? lasers? maybe, really pissed off

  3. CANT FREAKING WAIT!!!One of my good buddies(RICH Buddie)We all have one,lol Anyways,,He's Building a (RACE DRONE)NEEDS the cash,,SOO He's selling His to me for 600/maybe 550!!:/BUT I CAN'T WAIT It's MINT CONDITION And HELLA HELLA GOOD PRICE I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  4. my Blade Chroma lost ALL signal and flew away from me and had not been recovered. I will be making a video on my experience with Horizon Hobby customer service as I continue with them. I hope they do not let me down.

  5. Hello, i got my Blade Chroma ST10+ CG02 almost 1 year ago. I am now looking forย FPV Google glasses that would be compatible with it ? Fat Shark Teleporter V4 ? Fat Shark Dominator HD V2 Goggles ? FatShark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles ? SkyZone FPV glasses ? Headplay HD Goggles ? Which would you recommand for an immersion and abordable price ? Thank you in advance.


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