Binding and Setting Up the FlySky i6 Transmitter for a quadcopter/drone


This is a short video going through the setup of the FlySky i6 Transmitter. This includes binding the transmitter to the FS-iA6 receiver. If you have any questions or problems when building…


  1. Hello : Have a question for you that you may help me with???? I'm new to fpv and my wife surprised me with a Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racer Blheli_S F3 6DOF 5.8G 48CH 200MW 700TVL Camera w/ FlySky I6 RTF and of course there are no instructions that came with it and I have no idea how all this is supposed to work. Now I got to the point where I got the fpv and my googles to work and I was able to pair the receiver with the drone but I can't get the motors to start. So I did some more research on you tube and down loaded Beta Flight and connected the drone with my computer to check out the operation. Well when I tabbed down to the receiver tab and it opened there is no info. According to other posts there are different color horozonal bars that show up to correspond with the different radio controls and would move when you would move each control. Well on my system there are no color bar and no movement when moving the controls. I can't find any instruction on how to go about checking what would cause this problem? So is there any instruction you could give me on how to go about and what to check so I can make the controls work, I think if I can figure this problem out this will fix the problem of the motors not wanting to ture on?. I hope I explained and made sense on my problem. Thanks for your help I watch your channel all the time and have learned a lot so thanks again.

  2. Hi can you please HELP, just bought a wizzard 220 drone rtf,but no motors will spin, i noticed on the flysky on the bottom it says errl 1 or 2% same as yours i thought this was an error code, but now i'm thinking it's not, i bought a rtf hoping it would be all good, if you have any advice would be grateful

  3. Ok, for some reason when I try to setup the aux channels I can only find the VRA and VRB switches and can't find any of the SW switches. Then when I try to bind, the sound that the controller makes sounds right but it won't show RX or anything related to the reciever.

  4. The manual says "that it is already binded from the factory and is not necessary to bind it." I did not have to bind. I'm using this for an Exceedrc Madspeed drift car with servos for lifting & lowering hydrolic style.

  5. okay forget that. DO NOT set the aux channels to the switches. for some reason my bind f'ed up and the switch was 0%/100% on the throttle. now i have a quad shaped dent in my ceiling, which is not f'ing amusing.

  6. Thanks for the nice video on Flysky Fs i6. Finally, i got mine arrived yesterday Flysky FSi6x and was trying to bind it with Wltoys F959, F949 and F939. i was able to bind it with Wtoys F959 and F949 but despite trying several times i was not able to bind it with Wltoys F939. Would appriciate if you can share any ideas to get my Flysky FSi6x bound with F939. Thanks


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