BIG Brushless 4K Camera Drone $150 – MJX BUGS 3 & 4K Action Cam Combo – TheRcSaylors


Buy the Bugs 3 Drone Here – Buy the Action Cam Here – The Bugs 3 is a Very Popular Brushless Camera Drone for …


  1. My girlfriend got me this one for my birthday i got to fly it one time kind of something went wrong and it flew away i have never had a fly away it was quite depressing lol actually just thinking about it makes me sad

  2. Thanks to the Saylors, got my 1st B3 after messing with a foamy Hero xq5 & learned how to fly quads . Whatever the B3's lacks in features, ( a good thing) you cannot deny its versatility, quickness & the shear joy of its responsiveness.

  3. I have two Bugs 3 drones and still looking for a good mini action cam for it. Do you still recommend this one or is there a better one at a good cost you would recommend?

  4. Did I hear Abby correctly that this is not recommended for a starter (beginner) like myself?
    If not, which would you? I've tried the tiny ones, but found them very difficult to learn with.
    last question: I've seen the "mini" version on Amazon, would you advise that model?

  5. i was wondering why you guys didn't make a bugs 5 review … i was thinking about buying one and i serched for some reviews of it , but you haven't made one and i don't trust others youtuber …… really i don't .

  6. Your reviews are so appreciated. As you said, this market rapidly changes. With these things in mind, this is the first of September 2018 and I was wondering about your current recommendation for a gps, camera drone.

  7. You can put a sq12, which is super cheat, light ,and still a pretty good camera. Just put inside a styrofoam block and secure inside the camera holder. I've tried it after seeing someone else do it and it's not bad and super cheat.

  8. the reason I bought the force1 f100 ghost (bugs3 discontinued)
    1. It was cheaper on the force1rc website than the bugs 3
    2. it seemed really powerful, enough power to carry a gimbal eventually
    3. it had a clear upgrade path for fpv in the future
    4. well the f100 came with an action cam and 2 batteries
    5. and i wanted a large drone, that could get high quality gopro footage. the other drones for $100 with built in cameras were not that high of quality.
    6. because you guys thercsaylors recommended the bugs 3 and force1 f100 so much, and i value your opinions <3


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