Better Ken Burns Effect in Video – FCPX Tutorial 2018


FREE 26 Page Complete Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcut Guide – Better Ken Burns Effect in Video – FCPX Tutorial 2018. While simple …


  1. HI Serge, so in the video the camera pans stops very abruptly, but smooth does not work giving it drunken sailer effect, so how do we make the key frame stop smoothy, like when using the Ken burns effect, the pan and zooms stop very smoothly. I know you can do it in Motion but how do you do it in FCPX? Thanks for the video!

  2. One thing the Ken Burns effect does that the transform tool doesn't is ease the velocity and position simultaneously, which the transform function won't do. It will allow easing of position but not scale which makes for a distracting effect. Am I missing something or is that all I get without having to jump into Motion to get better results? Also, thank you for sharing your experience here on the youtube, you are helping elevate the craft.

  3. Can you show how you might handle dissolving between two clips so they appear in motion throughout the dissolve?
    First keyframe of the incoming destination clip would have to begin before the dissolve.
    The last keyframe of the outgoing clip would have to be after the dissolve ends.
    Otherwise, starting (incoming clip) and ending (outgoing clip) keyframes are at the midpoint of the dissolve.

  4. NICE!! I
    I'll add to my list thanks……..What browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube's website do you like and use??


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