Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review!


Roundup of PC Video Editors in late 2017, and our thoughts on the current BEST Video Editing Software for Windows for every budget! ▻ FREE GUIDE: The …


  1. this is not what i was looking for but i comment because i want to know how to get like the mp3 video format yeah i need video formats but i dont know how to get them and i cant find any on youtube.

  2. thank you for this video i really need the basic free editing i just started making videos more frequently i really wanted something free and basic to see how it goes in time ill up grade

  3. We all should be aware of the requirements to ruin demanding software. Seems that anything running below 2 Ghz is not recommended. So will for example, the latest 1.6 Ghz 4 core Intel gen 8 on an Asus Zenbook get the job done? I downloaded DaVinci Resolve but you get a watermark, so it's free but useless.

  4. I'm so happy I got to moviemaker before it was taken away, because I for some reason can't get any of the other options you've recommended. I have a very old PC so if I try to download something 'new' on it, it will actually crash my whole system and wipe out the program! And suprsingly windows movie maker is the only editor that survived my PC's 'tantrums'. Thank you for the ideas though, I'll be sure to try them out in a… different way, anyway. Thanks a lot for the information, I will be sure to come back to this channel anytime soon!

  5. My recommendations is:
    Free: Davinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express
    Sub 200$: Filmora and Cyberlink Powerdirector
    200$ and above: Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
    Skill Levels:
    Beginner: VSDC free and Filmora
    Intermediate: Hitfilm Express and Cyberlink Powerdirector
    Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve
    Thank me later 😉

  6. I have a 2Gb ram, windows 7 (64bit) and 2Gb video and use hitfilm express and it works great on a low end PC. Best feature I like is the motion tracking if the point is lost, it will stop and ask you to correct the tracking if the point blurs due to the motion is too fast, you can correct it and continue tracking. Most other software will try to think where to track and will screw it up! LOL

  7. Thank you, some good advice and tips on editing here. I am using Final Cut Proon. 6 year old Mac mini. Self taught and still have loads to learn. Thanks again for the tips.

  8. I used this VideoMakerEFX. Much way better than the others especially unique software. Been using this different kinds of scenarios. Best App Ever i would definitely recommend this to my friends and to all people on social medias.

    Heres where you can get it You will never regret this so do i

  9. Going over to VSDC now to check it out, but so far I've been disappointed with free software. Most attach a watermark on the vids or require some kind of paid membership deal. Not really free.
    UPDATE: The "Free" version won't allow me to export. It keeps saying I'm using hardware acceleration. I've watched several vids on how to export and follow all the steps, but still does the same thing. Not sure the free version actually allows someone to export.

  10. I downloaded VSDC and found two problems that appear to make it virtually unusable unless I'm doing something wrong. First problem is that imported video clips appear upside down and require a painstaking process to put them up the right way. I then found that when the final result is activated, it just jumps from one frame of one clip to another frame of the next clip (ie no movie).

  11. DaVinci Resolve now has Fusion integration as well, so compositing is included now. Though Fusion isn't really good for motion graphics (like with Nuke you will be tearing out all your hair, but it is better for advanced 3D compositing than AfterEffects). Also you can do team projects even with the free version of Resolve (just get an IT guy who can set up a PostgreSQL server for you). If Blackmagic Design improves on the caching and don't get lazy with improving their software like Adobe does, the better software will be Resolve (objectively) in a couple years time.

  12. Hi again Justin,
    I just watched a video from, specifically focusing on DaVinci Resolve.

    I found that Christopher did a very useful introduction / overview of DVR, and – potentially even more useful – he pointed out that, despite its comprehensive, professional features, DVR does not yet have the ability to work with all amateur / consumer video formats, such as H264 in the MTS format.

    I thought that this might be an important consideration for some.

  13. Thank you so much for this clear, helpful, concise, comprehensive review.

    I find very few videos on youtube which are summaries of products, or which are trying to teach a skill, to strike such a useful balance in covering (a) the correct and relevant amount of (b) the necessary information related to the title in the video. Clear, and to the point – that is what I like.

    As they say in the U.K., "It is what it says on the tin".

    I am subscribing to your channel and look forward to further reviews (off to watch some others right now).

  14. Thanks! I tried Sony VEGAS Movie studio Ultimate and it was very simple to use and quite intuitive… But my old computer was too old to run it. What I want is fast, easy, not to greedy on computer resources and good looking result with great tutorials. And I have found all this with VEGAS… Adobe Premiere elements looks good too. DaVinci Resolve looks awesome but probably more than I can spend tme on. I'm also considering focusing my time on something else and outsourcing editing to Fiverr. 😉


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