Best Portable Drone for Real Estate Photography: Spark vs Mavic Air


My One Light Real Estate Photography Lighting Tutorial: My #1 “best and final” recommended portable drone: …


  1. there is a reason that they fold to an upward position. DJI designed it that way for a specific purpose. When you point the tips of the antenna towards the drone, you will have he weakest signal possible resulting in signal loss. I just noticed in your review that you did not have your antenna in the position the manual calls for

  2. It not mentioned here that you can't just get a drone and do real state photoghraphy without having a part 107 unmanned pilot Cerification or you can be facing thousands of Dollars in fines as its being used commercially.also the glitch on the Spark video feed will just as good as the one on The mavic air just by using a OTG Cable 5 to 6 bucks Value and the use of ND filters will handle those shades and shadow problems. Thanks for the nice video.

  3. I recognize your name from PFRE… really appreciate the video. I have a Spark and I think your assessment is spot on. Unfortunately, I picked mine up just weeks before the Air was announced and was kicking myself for the bad timing. My experience mirrors yours–the JPEGs are generally fine (best when sunny, changing light makes consistent adjustments difficult in Lightroom), but the video feed can be choppy. A cable helped that on my iPhone, but then caused a new issue with the GPS. I plan to upgrade to the Air very soon, because I'm shooting a bit too much to tolerate those faults.

  4. I agree with you; The Spark has been a great still camera for aerial Real Estate Photos. Been using mine since December and have been impressed with the quality of the Spark images. Selling it now and was contemplating the Platinum Pro instead of the Air. Will have to rethink that, based on this video. Thanks for the information.

  5. THANKS for posting this! I have a Phantom 3 Advanced and it has seen better days though quite reliable. However…that makes the decision even tougher. My use is for lakefronts and farms for the most part (no "palaces"), and primarily for stills. Very hard decision. By the way, do you use Litchi? I abandoned DJI flight software – because of some flaws and unneeded restrictions for pro's – a couple of years ago.

  6. Nice video, I was so disappointed that I bought my spark a month before they announced the air, however so far Iโ€™ve captured some great video with the spark and so happy I finally got into drones.

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