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  1. Hey
    Can u plz help me to purchase a best drone I am really confused plz help . My budget is 150$ which will be the best drone for me as I am a beginner I want a brushless drone with good stability as I want to mount camera plz help.

  2. Nathan…in the beginning of the video what is that awful high pitched NOISE in the background? Is Abby flying a drone while your attempting to do your review? Abby please stop…

  3. Hi guys,

    I just received my Hubsan 501S and am having a ball learning to fly it. I find some differences from what you show. On RTH it comes to within 10 feet of the transmitter, not the original take off point. Also if you hold the record button too long it goes into circle mode, which I didn't find in the manual. Wonder if I have a different revision for firmware than yours. I did receive a different transmitter from yours. Mine also came with a H901A LiPo battery for the transmitter which works extremely well and allows several flights without recharge.

    If you could, would you test my theory and RTH. Start up and fly from one place and move away some distance to see if your quad lands where it started or near the transmitter.

    Love your channel and you are the reason I got this quad. I am very happy with it but need to learn to fly smoother for better recording. Follow mode works great, headless mode is strange as the controls seem to be reversed. Thanks for all you do for the RC nation.

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. So what quad do you recommend that would give the Hubsan H501 competition, maybe with a Kimble??? I'm thinking of buying the HubsanH501, but wish it has a kimble style camera. I like the screen instead of pairing with my own android device. Nice videos man!

  5. You guys should do a review with the Gopro mount! would like to see how it performs with the extra weight! By the way you guys are awesome! I'm always waiting for the next newest video. I got a toy quad for Christmas and loving it since. Just want to upgrade to a h501s or Bugs3 blue 😉 actually I want both lol

  6. im new to flying drones, I just had my h501s for less than a month. unfortunately, the transmitter came with a broken lcd (thanks to logistics) so i cant really view my flight's stats. the drone worked fine though up until today. im sure i did my compass calibration well coz i did 3 different ways but got same result: the drone kept on drifting to its right while on altitude hold. i also changed all 4 props to new ones thinking that maybe the old ones are bent affecting the flight's aerodynamics…still got the same result. im not sure if its because i tried flying it indoors but i did flick off the rth and gps, and ive also tried flying the drone indoors before and it worked fine. in the video, i was trying to motion the drone on steady position (with very light pressure) but when i release, the drone just drifts to its right. im a very impatient person and this problem is starting to lessen my interest in this bird. will surely appreciate any helpful feedbacks^^

  7. what is the difference between this and the standard verison. I literally know nothing about drones but I would like to buy one for camping and filming the remote locations. This seems pretty amazing.

  8. BTW, I meant to tell you this. Having scoured the forums about the DJI camera feed problems, in my case it was my Ipad mini 2. Using my Ipad Air 2 I haven't experienced any live video feed problems in a while . The problem has to do with the video cache on the Mini 2. There is a fix for clearing it and resetting it, but it was a long process and I haven't done it yet.

  9. Thanks for a good review! One of my favorite quads. I fly FPV as well. As far as the OSD telemetry, I have not tried connecting to the transmitter video out. Something I will try as my Eachine goggles have a video in. My grandkids love the 'Bat Mobile', "It looks so cool!", and I agree. Also the most reliable even over my Phantom, which I have my troubles with as others do loosing camera transmission.

  10. Ok guys- my kids are buyin me the Hubsan 501s advanced for my bday the prices vary wildly from $206 to almost $370 on amazon I wanna be certain we get the long range version even if it's more $- could you help me out? I know this is askin a little much- I would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction. ❤️ y'all thanks a ton!


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