Best Entry Level FPV Racing Drone | Truly a Bind and Fly FPV Quad


The KingKong ET125 and ET115 could be the best entry / intermediate drone we have ever flown! Truly a Bind and Fly quad – the Stock PIDS (settings) are …


  1. Wow you guys are GA. DEMOCRATS? That is what it says beneath this video….it was a Stacey Abrams add that stays above your name during the video. The commercials should represent either you or I but DAM that AIN'T ME:-)

  2. Fantastic video. I'm looking to get into FPV in the house to start. These look pretty good. I was thinking about FXT goggles and one of these… or similar if they have longer flight time. Also need a Controller I can use with planes, everybody in my club uses Spektrum 6 or 9. I'm new at this. Suggestions?

  3. You have to take it apart to bind it! What a joke! I think I'll just buy a space shuttle for easier flight! Why in the world would they design something so complicated!? Thank god i watched this because i was wanting to buy it, but not now! However i am going to sub to your channel

  4. I probably should send an email somewhere, but not sure where, so here goes.
    I'm that 68 year old guy that wants to try flying FPV.
    I really liked the video with this one, and would probably go with the 115 with the aftermarket props you put on. I don't have a transmitter, since until I commit to one of these guys, I've only been flying toys that come with proprietary transmitters.
    What's the least expensive, but dependable transmitter you would suggest, – especially if I find out I love these things, and decide to buy another one, and use the same transmitter.
    I also didn't see this as one of your noob completely set up offerings.
    Would you sell this as a RTF setup? ? with the transmitter i'm asking about? ? ?

  5. I'm looking for something to fly in the park and surf Treetops. Diving.. can this do that?
    I have been researching for weeks.. I'm ready to buy but my only experience is with force 1 toy drones and my RF8 Sim.
    I fly rate and acro on my simulator but only fly via wifi fpv on my (Blue Jay)..

  6. Hey guys, bought one of these after watching the video. I found it per your instructions but my transmitter inputs are not registering on beta flight. I have a solid green light on my xm reciecer. I am on urat 3 and selected sbus but my receiver is not communicating with my fc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  7. Just got my et125 from Grayson Hobby, havenโ€™t had a chance to bind it yet, and I am kinda new to this stuff, so because this has no OSD, how are you getting your LV warning? Is that something you can setup via the Taranis QX7, or could one just use an external LV beeper?

  8. I've been flying an ET100 for several months now. Its smaller size makes it a great indoor flyer, and the prop guards are virtually indestructible. I have it bound to a Jumper T8SG and I use a Eachine EV800D knock-off headbox. Great FPV set up for cheap, I must say. The camera's not so great, but for the price, you can't have it all, eh?

  9. I bought mine off of you guys a month or so ago. Loaded all the slots up with batteries. See folks talking about avoid FLYSKY, but I bought the FS version and have had no issues. Love this bird. (flights view-able at my channel) Hopefully, you fished out that battery …lol!

  10. Only drawback besides the lack of OSD, and no option to easily adjust camera angle, is that some XM come with funky firmware that only runs well when you set Taranis to D16 1-16ch mode. If you use D16 1-8ch mode, the receiver will only intermittently respond, even though it's fully bound.


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