BEST DRONES UNDER $500-What Drone Should You Buy?


In this video we look at the best high quality drones that come at an affordable cost. I have had alot of people come to me and say , ” im looking into getting a …


  1. We use a 4K UpAir One Plus with no problems. For $350, the features and performance of it are great. With it's best in 4k show lowest price point, no other drone can compete. The only thing we wish it had is 3-axis gimbals. For closer to the $500 price point, the new 4k Xiaomi Mi would be our next pick. Of course, DJi are the flagship China manufacturer and make the best drones. But it's considerable more money to get the same features and performance as the more reasonable makers. With DJi, you have to spend $1000 or more to get in the same 4k ballpark as the Xiaomi or UpAir. Their Mavic Pro is awesome!


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