Best Drones Under $200 – Budget Drone Buying Guide (2018)


The drones we mentioned in this video: ▻ 5. U45W Blue Jay – ▻ 4. Holy Stone HS110 – ▻ 3. Force1 U818A …


  1. If I'm doing a pre-wedding shoot and would like to capture some aerial shots of a big group of people, would that also require a certification? Thanks again for all your help & I found Phantom 4 to be of a good fit as well, since for photography.

  2. Great video ! very useful and informative video about Best Drones Under $200, Perfect Video quality. What your really need to work on is how to speak a little clearly. But otherwise the video was amazing, The drones look nice for such a small amount of money, I buy at least one dron for myself. i like it , Thanks

  3. Force1 U818A is something i wish to have one with its unique features, style and design this would be my favorite overall it was an interesting video to watch for drones under $200 thanks for sharing the video

  4. An interesting video that shows some of the possibilities that the dron provides. I think that the information I get in the video about the drones will make it easier for me to make a purchase decision. It's great to keep track of your channel.


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