Best Drones for Beginners


Josh and TJ explain the four easiest paths and best products for a beginner. Sub $100: 0:15 Hubsan X4- Inductrix- …


  1. I bought the DJI Mavic air as my first, no regrets but now I want more, I want to experiment with other drones, its like a disease, i'm hooked, is this you or anyone else has experienced, the addiction to drones?

  2. I started on a Sharper Image DX5 from Target, and like it , but it was a nit too much for me, and the "fpv" was kaka. I'm now flying an inductrix, and plan on doing the tinywhoop conversion soon,

  3. I've just started getting in to drone flying and have watched a ton of YouTube videos covering all aspects. I just discovered this one and have to say it's one of the best introductions to what drone and why that I've seen so far. Subscribed!

  4. I am a new drone flyer. I am using the Blade 350 QX. It has extra props a return to home mode and a safe zone mode. It also gives you a lot of other futures. I go my drone for free from a family friend that got a new drone a few days ago. My first drone was a plastic 120 dollar drone that was kinda made to be a trainer drone. My drone is 450 dollars if you want to get it from a store or online.

  5. My tip to starter is get a tiny whoop then go get a mantis 85 when your bored of the tiny whoop then when your still thirsty for more build something insane and slam it straight in to the side of your shed like I did LMAO(don't do the shed bit tho)

  6. Your video is about a year old now. I see you mentioned the Hubsan drone, I see one marked either h401s or h402s. I want one that has GPS, self-leveling, following, fpv, this drone has all that for less than $200, what do you think, for an old man trying to enjoy the drone flying?

  7. Mt first drone was a parrot mambo. is great fun and has altitude hold. I recommend it. know they came out with a fpv attachment for it. I have tried fpv camera and love it. amazing drone. is very durable and amazing battery. I have used this drone thousands of times and the battery is in tip top condition. amazing drone for $120 USD

  8. The first multirotor I had was a litehawk Quattro. My first drone was a syma xc5. My experience With helicopters has helped as well and now I have my mavic pro drone.

  9. Everyone in the US (idk about other countries) make sure you know the laws with drone flying. 250g (~0.55lbs) and up in weigh and it has to be registered with the FAA. Only $5. But it also makes you know the laws with what you can/can't or should/shouldn't do with your unmanned Arial vehicle.


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