Best Drone to Buy – May, 2018 Edition


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  1. I had my reservations on this to say the least (mainly because of WiFi and how unimpressed I was by the Spark) but as I recently sold my P4P leaving me with just my MPP I wanted a smaller drone for fun. I bought the MA fly more combo in arctic white from my local Apple store in London, England and wow! It's quickly become my go to drone. In fact, I have not flown the Mavic Platinum since I bought the Air and will be selling that too. The gimbal is massively improved and the image quality is noticeably better due to less compressed artefact given the video bit rate of 100MBPS which should be the minimum for all 4K cameras. I've reached 1.06 miles in a CE area with no signal loss or significant transmission glitches (more than enough for me). I've hit 43MPH in Sport mode and tested the smart capture which is so accurate now that it will actually serve a serious use. APAS, rear sensors, 2.7K @ 60p, full slow mo in FHD and every horizon is just straight. No gimbal tilt issues at all, even in 25MPH winds at 400' AGL. It's just so easy to fly and capture what you need. Landing on 15% gives me 17-18 minute flight times per battery so with four batteries in the bag I can fly for well over an hour in one flight session without touching a charger. Each battery takes 20 minutes less time to charge than my MPP. Overall, I totally agree – from a new drone flyer to a serious hobbyist this is the one to get today… And yeah, it's very portable and perfect for hikes and international travel and looks very cool and sleek IMO.

  2. Few things I don’t like ,it’s Too Loud,distance is horrible and no wheel for video adjustment…sd card slot is so difficult to pull out…other than that it’s ok but not my best drone…..I’m also waiting on the Mavic Pro 2

  3. I bought the Mavic Air a week ago as an impulse buy. I have to say, it's a nice little drone but the noise this thing generates is a big turn off for me. I have the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro and they don't attract nearly as much attention as the air dones at 200-400 feet up. It possibly could be my favorite if they found a way to make it more quiet. I mostly fly out in the mountains and this thing sounds like a swarm of bees flying through the gorge.

  4. Owned 5 drones, 4 of which have been made by DJI. I wouldn’t call the Mavic Air ‘the best’ but its been the easiest to fly, takes fantastic photo and videos and its easily my favourite.


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