BEST DRONE RADIO. HEAD TO HEAD | Taranis QX7 VS Evolution | Frsky Taranis qx7 Review


Frsky taranis QX7 review. In this Frsky Qx7 taranis review we compare it against the turnigy evolution radio to find the best beginner fpv drone racing radio.


  1. Qx7 link – One thing that accidentally got cut in editing was the battery comments. The Evolution can charge usb and has inbuilt batteries, the QX7 has the option of a Ni-Mh battery or you can use some AA batteries from the shop. Happy flying. Love to know what you guys think?

  2. Thanks for the review, the only point I disagree with you on is the statement that you made about taking it apart to remove the spring on the throttle. First of there is no spring to remove, just a couple of screw adjustments. Secondly on the same topic, if folks are too afraid to take it apart to make this adjustment maybe this is the wrong hobby for them to be getting into.

  3. Thanks Stew for your honest review on the Taranis X7 vs The Evolution X. I've been flying Rc Helicopter for a while now and actually on and off with this hobby. Been thinking of getting into quad copter just to have the experience and feel of flying FPV, I know it's awesome. Came across with the Evolution X and because I had the Taranis Plus before, now it's really a top decision. More features or less, cheap and comfortable, and I'm a thumb flyer like you. Thank you so much again for all your help and time into this great and fun hobby. Regards from Cali..Ricky

  4. Hey guys, I'm new to drones and I can't get FC to recognize my stick movements. Betaflight 3.1 is set to RX/SBUS and turnigy controller set to PWM/SBUS. Controller seems to bind to the drone, but not getting any power to motors. Betaflight does not recognize my stick movrment. pls help!!!

  5. Howdy Stew! I'm trying to get into all of this FPV stuff and am looking to buy my first controller. I've noticed even on my cheap beginner drones, I usually have to do a little trim adjustments. Are you missing those features on the Turnigy Evolution, or is trim not typically a concern with FPV quads? I'm a big gamer as well and the controller looks much more comfortable, but am worried about the lack of trim switches.

    Thanks so much for doing this video series. Really helpful for beginners!

  6. I've been badly bitten by the FPV bug thanks to you and I'm trying to settle on my first setup. During my research I've found that the Turnigy isn't compatible with very many quads. Really wish I understood why. So confusing!

  7. I got a Qx7 at for $104.00 a month ago. I loving it and not sorry I chose OpenTX and FrSky. Stu, you do a great job with these reviews. This one helped me greatly. Thanks!!! Happy Flying!

  8. Todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I finallu got my Taranis QX7 Black… this thing is sexy and super light, it's the 7 of june but it feels like Christmas!!! time to set it up and start flying on HotProps, Freerider and DRL!!!next step is the Eachine goggle two to connect the HDMI to the sim <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks Stu, you are my hero!!!

  9. Hello….thanks for the video's quite informative. Need some advice. Not familiar with how sbus or ibus works with the KK2 FC.
    Wonder if you can share some info it I have done some research but still not so sure how it all connects to a receiver. I have the evolution. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  10. I ended up getting the QX7 after FPV Kabab recommended it. It's mainly that it's the lowest price transmitter that has enough features to last for pretty much any application. Because I may do aerial photography stuff in the future, the QX7 seems like it would work better. No need to sell an old transmitter to upgrade!

  11. Hi UAV FURURES, I have a turnigy evolution that I know you really like, I just thinking on order the Flysky version of the Aurora AR FUN 90 mm but I am not sure If I can bind this version with my turnigy or I have to do some other customs. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

  12. Found it for 104 US. QX7 also can accept 60 models and is expandable with an sd card. Bang for buck I'd tend towards the QX. Keep up the great work. Your channel has became my go to channel for finding my next drone. The price to get into this sport has never been cheaper.


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