Best Drone for Real Estate Photography 2019


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  1. Great recommendations! THANKS!
    I am on the fence between Mavic Air and (believe it or not…) a 3-axis gimbal. I think return on investment-wise for real estate, in my area, these are about equal. Thanksgiving/black friday sales will help me decide.

  2. Have you ever checked out the Parrot Anafi? It actually has a better camera than the Mavic Pro (1/2.4" 21MP vs 1/2.3 12MP of the Mavic PRO). It has better flight time than the Mavic Air (25 minutes vs 20 minutes). One BIG advantage for me is that it is MUCH quieter than any of the DJI drones at 63db so that I don't bother neighbors while I am shooting. It doesn't have forward obstacle avoidance that's on the DJI drones, but in the tight quarters I tend to have in real estate photography I have to turn obstacle avoidance off on my DJI drone anyway. And the biggest advantage is that it is cheaper than even the middle of the road Mavic Air at $550 right now. For ME, the Anafi made more sense than any of the DJI offerings. What I have found is that the DJI pilots really don't like to hear about any advantage the Anafi might have to the point of being down right rude. That makes no sense to me, these are just tools than help us do our jobs (or just for enjoyment) and there is nothing wrong with choosing different options to get us the right tool for the right job that works best for each individual.


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