Best Drone for Beginners ? | DJI Phantom 3 Standard


Gear I use to make my Youtube Videos: The best drone for beginners should not be confused with the cheapest drone you can buy. A great …


  1. I think it's good advice for anyone who has never flown a drone to start with a cheap one. The syma x5c is really good for that. I am going to upgrade to a phantom 3 when I get the money but that drone has done a great job teaching me the basics of the controls and it doesn't matter if I crash it.

  2. Wonder how many drones were lost to "beginners" taking this advice, hahaha. I know 2 "beginners" that lost Phantoms and seen another run his into a river and float away because he didn't know how to fly it hands-on after gps loss and suspect the other 2 lost lock or whatever.
    Buy a $40 drone, learn non-headless mode. Then buy something more advanced.
    This advice is like, buy a plane with autopilot and don't worry what that yoke or stick is for.

  3. I ordered one of these today before watching this and I'm glad that I decided on my model for my first drone. I used a friends Dji Magic pro and I really liked it but too expensive for me and it felt a bit too fragile for my liking since it folds up so small but I think this model drone will be the perfect choice for me. Thankyou for this video


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