Best Cheap HD video and camera Drone plus Stunts / The Propel HD Video Drone


Do you wish of having a cheap drone and not to waste your money on them big one that make your pockets hurt. Well the Propel HD Video Drone just might be your fit or under 100$ you can get…


  1. I so sorry to fall in to this money lost company " Propel" one day it last my Tilt=Wifi Drone lost control about 60 feet and i cant get any control loosing the drone to a wood area and never found at the next day after purchase this, with 1 yr cover and no support whatever with the Prop web support plus the # to contact them 1- 866-765-2687 It's out of service.. I hope no one buy this crap. you loosing all what you pay them

  2. X 11 maximum.
    Missing one propeller guard out of the box.
    After take off hovering and flying up I tried to descend. Full throttle down makes it goes straight up high in the air unreachable. Luckily I realized if I gently throttle down I could hover it down slowly and retrieve it to return to the store.


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