Best Beginner Level Drone – LDARC 2S Whoop GT7 & GT8 V2 Update


The KingKong / LDARC GT8 and GT7 just have been upgraded. If you are not familiar with these FPV quads, these have been voted the BEST entry level FPV …


  1. Anyone here done an antenna swap for their GT7? I'm trying to put a U.FL Lumenier Micro AXII Shorty on mine… but I think the stock antenna is a monopole. Anyone found a ground you could use for a true dipole, or done any sort of antenna swap? Thanks!

  2. This may be a dumb question, but how do I turn on turtle mode in beta flight? And how would I set a switch for it? Is there a how to video? Also will it work on any quad that runs beta flight? Thanks.

  3. I'm the proud owner of both the V1 and V2. The performance difference is dramatic! I'm still having trouble getting either one to connect to betaflight though. I've gotten everything working like I want it except for flight modes. Can you do that without betaflight?

  4. still no BF osd, still uses proprietary board/frame combo locking you into their product, still uses a "balance" connector to connect to the battery..further locking you into their product, etc. buying this thing is a mistake because you can't upgrade it if you want and when you move on or add more 2S builds to your collection you're left with a bunch of batteries you can't use except on the gt7/8.. etc. stay away from proprietary garbage like this, in the end it'll just make you spend more and will everything you got for it will eventually become useless after you move on entirely.

  5. I appreciate that you continue to focus on beginners and what makes sense for them. While I really like my ET115 v1, I also started with a 65mm whoop style quad and I think the GT7 makes sense for step 1, and the ET is a good step 2.


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