XK X300 – Best new beginner drone review. The XK X300 is as good as everyone was saying it is. This is one of the first toy quads with “Optical Flow” on it.


  1. I bought one XK x300 from My Toys store in Dubai put I have problem with it
    It's can not flay !!!
    Only the front side go up 5 cm that's all
    Can you pleas tell what's wrong with it ?
    Is it adjusting issue or sitting ?
    Pleas help with this problem

  2. Thank you Justin. I was looking for a first time drone. After your recommendation, this is the one.. Love your Videos. Very informative. Keep them coming. Do you know were I can get extra batteries. I have searched everywhere, including Gearbest, ebay ext. I cant seem to find anyone who sells it. Thank you..

  3. I have a Phantom 3 Pro and have attempted to shoot video of different things that flow smoothly on first viewing them on my computer, but when I copy the video to a disc, the video gets choppy in playback. I believe the computers can't read all the data fast enough, but how do I make any movies without this choppiness? Thanks ahead of time.

  4. My favorite of the XK mini drones is still the Alien X250. There are replacement radios for it that really turn it into a little fpv hotrod. I found out the reason this one holds it's position is because there's a sensor on the bottom. Very cool.

  5. Hey Justin. Does the LCD on the transmitter have a blue backlight? Thanks. I've seen this particular transmitter is all black, but there are some models on amazon which have a different controller with a blue backlight which come with the FPV screen. Thanks.

  6. The only problem I have with it for beginners (and it's a small one) is that if you stray above the OS range whilst it defaults to altitude hold. you lose most of he position hold.
    It's nice though

  7. hey Justin. i have a phantom 3….. the gimbal cushions and the cushion stops…. why are there 4 gimbal cushions and only 2 gimbal cushion stops installed… can i fly with just the 2 or put all 4 in?


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