BEST 6 DRONE RADIOS of 2017 – DRONE RACING Radio buyers guide.


Drone radio buyer’s guide of 2017. This video should help people choose the best radio for their fpv racing drone. We look at several radios ranging in price from …


  1. I'm assuming these remotes are all universal? I just got an inductrix pro and plan on getting a tiny whoop and wizard x220s. Has anyone else used the qx7 with any of these drones?

  2. i use a Flysky i6 a few months Now as my first and i really like it. With a 5€ programming cable you can even Flash custom Firmware to get 10Ch and use all Switches and potis simultanously, especially for planes

  3. Just got my Turnigy Evolution today. I have used it with FPVFreerider. LOVE IT!!! The feel is great, very comfortable in my hands.

    Stew, I am so glad I watched your review months ago. I started saving and finally was able to get it.

    SO glad I did. No regrets. There will definitely be "Happy Flying"!!

  4. whats the deal with Graupner radios outside Europe ? Superb quality, reception easily in the 2+km range, little pricy. Various telemetry options. Do they even sell them in AUS ?

  5. For some of you guys out there I do not promote in investing an i6 or a flyskye radio the build quality is just way too cheap, your switches will break very easily, just invest in a taranis or something you will use for a very long time and with acceptable and better build quality. Don't cheap out because you will be spending more money in the long run when you do.

  6. Graupner Stew… You can get the rx flight controller to match. .. absolutely brilliant. I have other quads but my Quad with the Graupner is my favourite radio due to ease of use.. GR24 Pro has the best of all world's

  7. Hi, thanks for all the great videos, I currently have a mavic. But now I'm thinking I need to get into an acro drone ( not so much track racing for me ! Sorry 🙂 )
    So being completely new at all this. I am kinda thinking the Qx7 or turnigy evolution look great for me, lower cost as I'm unsure I will be any good or get hooked yet,
    my first concern is how do you know you battery level with the turnigy evo if it doesn't have voice thing like the qx7 and you are in your fpv goggles?

    I'm loving the look of the chameleon, so if I were to get a turnigy with its receiver would that fit in the chameleon ?

    Sorry for what might be dumb questions. I'm watching hundreds of videos on YouTube and figuring things out bit by bit. And don't panic my plan is to get a transmitter first and spend time on a simulator before buying a quad.
    Thanks for your help and keep up the great work.

  8. Had the Taranis X9D and actually sold it and went with the QX7. Did the OpenTX upgrade and haven't missed a thing with regards to the X9D. The QX7 does everything I need it to do and it does it well. I have large hands and the controller fits nicely in them. The rubber grips on the back give you added confidence it's not going to slip out of your hands also. Frsky is also releasing the upgraded gimbles for the QX7 soon.

  9. Nurk is flying Futaba these days, the only drone racer I know of who does. I've got the Flysky i6s, I've been very happy with it. it's the same radio as the Evolution, but I actually prefer the look and feel of it over the Evolution. I flew with an old Spektrum starting out, but it just wasn't cutting it. The end points were always messed up on betaflight and it was just a pain to set up. I'd say if you're interested in flying some planes as well as quads, don't get the i6s or the Evolution. They don't even have trim buttons, which you don't need for quads but are essential for fixed wing models. If you're really on a budget but want to fly planes as well as drones, get the Flysky i6 or better yet the i6x, which has even more channels for about $50. I still use my old Spektrum dx6i for planes, the i6s or evolution won't cut it.

  10. Hey stew, I brought a flysky th9X and I put a djt mod on it to commune with the
    d8r 2+ that came with it. The thing doesn't seat right in the mod slot on one side and when binding, the guys on YouTube say switches on on the left and off on the right but it seams to bind only with both switches off. Can you help?


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