Best $50 Camera Drone with Folding Arms 2017 – 8807HD-G – TheRcSaylors


Buy it here: Almost all of the folding arm toy grade drones we have had on the channel have been seriously sketchy. We were pleasantly …


  1. I got one soon after watching this review when it first came out. For the price it's a really good beginner drone with the very good altitude hold. The only thing is if you bump one of the props against something the little chrome caps on the props will pop off. I've already lost one. There are 2 extra spares that come with it though. I also got 2 extra batteries but could only find 850mA ones at that time. Amazon has four 900mA batteries with a 4-port charger for $25 now. I will be getting that soon. Another thing is it would be nice if the drone or the transmitter would beep when the battery got low rather than just the lights flashing which are kinda hard to see in bright daylight. When the lights flash you still have enough time to bring it in close and land it. I checked the battery and it was down to around 3.5 volts. I would recommend buying it as it's easy and fun to fly.

  2. So by WiFi it’s off your phone? Like Hotspot?
    I get 10 gbs a month w my phone plan

    The reason I ask is bc I live next tot the airport

    Here in ca and it’s a no drone fly zone bc it’s also a school for flying.

    Can I use my hotspot : cus I would have to drive to the park . Also can it be used remotely like radio if you run out of data????

  3. Just bought one. Thanks guys.
    It flew away twice on me already. Didn't connect to the phone. Is that the reason it flew away???? Sorry I'm a complete noob.
    Great job with the vids Mate an Abbey


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