Best $50 Camera Drone Crazy Long Flight Time – Battle Shark Tianqu Visuo XS809S – TheRcSaylors


Buy it here: It has been a while since we have found a good folding arm drone around the $50 range that performed this well.


  1. Really nice drone. What is the maximum range in feet? Does it come in white or silver? I had a nice black drone that got caught in an updraft and sent it careening into a dense forest. After hours of searching, I never did find it but might have if it was white or silver. What would be great is if this drone (and others) had an internal emergency signal that goes off when the drone gets out of the range of the controller – OR – alternatively, automatically reverses course and sends the drone back into range. Maybe the more expensive drones have those features. One other cool idea would be to have the drone return to base when the flight time left is critically low. Certainly would be more useful than flipping the drone (which gets old fast).

  2. talking gas propeller r/c plane or gas jet engine r/c plane? gas prop planes are fun but watch the fingers when starting them. the gas jet one s are temperamental, extremely fast and easy too fly out of range. plus jets are very expensive and a fuel leak usually results in th epane becoming a ball of flames. so with jets I switched back to ducted electric fan jet r/c planes.

  3. HI I used to fly a 2 cycle J-3 Piper Cub. 6 ft wingspan back in the 90s. It was so fun. Man has time changed everything. I just got my DJI Mavic 2 Pro, first drone so wish me luck. GREAT JOB and EXCELLENT Channel!

  4. Hey RC Saylors! Thinking of buying this drone for six family members for Christmas. Will they all be able to fly them independently without their transmitters interfering with each other?

  5. I am new to rc drones, i picked one up on your recommendation and I am glad that I did, I was able to get it flying on the first shot. Totally awesome drone for beginners at an affordable price. I enjoy watching your channel it's informative and you guys have a great time doing your reviews.
    Thank you saylor family! !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well i buy visuo xs809s last 1 month ago when deliver that drone im excited to play it is very good to play. In a week to use the that drone have trouble lift side back motor is to hot the drone fall down back ward. Im trying to change a motor but same. The motor are still to hot. And the arm seat motor are defform in his shape. Pls. Help me give a advise for this this is my first drone
    I love to play drone

  7. Hi guy's,
    was that an Eagle i saw at 5min's?
    Ahh it was was'nt it???
    Camera's were the whole reason how i got into Quad copter's and Drone's…Ps that's a Quad Copter…tsk,tsk.
    That said…it fly's realy well for a 50 Dollar toy (with a camera) on it.
    My first was a Hubsan H104c in 2014,,,which i still have stashed some where.
    i recently splashed out for a DJI Mavic air…which i am not too pleased with considering how expensive it was.

  8. My personal goal is to have precision flying of drones. I was gifted a holystone HS100 but returned it because I wasn't confident and I didn't want to ruin it. I scaled back and got a much smaller drone Syma X5UW and I'm having so much fun with it. It was super affordable and very durable so far. I can't afford DJI hobby grade drones so I'm hoping to get any affordable and reliable drone in a few months hopefully during or after holidays seasons. I've had RC boats cars helicopters but the drone experience is new and fun

  9. I have one of these in one of the trees in my back yard. It's been there (I can't see it) for over a month. I would recommend putting some bright stickers on the quad as it blends into the fauna quite well.

  10. Another good video guys! My goal tho I do not ever have the money is to learn to fly a FPV drone I have always wanted to learn probably wonโ€™t get to again long time watcher and big fan of you guys

  11. I bought this drone after watching this review. It's my first drone and it's great. Very stable in the air and easy to fly. It's nippy and responsive. Camera is ok but the feed lags a lot so couldn't really fly it with a vr box. It's light and gets battered by the breeze. I'm very happy with it and would also recommend as a first drone. Thanks again.

  12. Thanks for the great video and because of you guys I have just ordered two of the Battle Sharks with the extra batteries. My first ever RC anything. Im hopefully gonna bait my daughters into the hobby. Cant wait……..

  13. The Drone can be purchased from Gearbest with 1, 2, or 3 batteries. There are batteries all over eBay & Amazon but they are the 900 mAh old generation from the previous model drone, not the 1850 mAh supplied with the BattleShark..


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