Best 2018 Beginner Drone – Bugs 2 with GPS – Full Review & Flight Test


Best 2018 GPS Beginner Drone with a camera for under $160. This drone comes with everything and is ready to charge and fly. Full review. Camera test.


  1. I am a beginner and I bought the Mystery Stone B2C. I done a lot of research for a really good beginner quad and narrowed it down to the MJX B2C. I am 51 and a licensed HAM. I plan on owning all the Bugs in due time. Back in the day it was all gas powered. Technology has advanced by huge leaps since the mid 80's. Great video!!

  2. good review. I use this for training new drone users. my first one cost 134 dollars. I purchas d another for 150 as it became very popular. Both of them don't have this lock that you pointed out. The door itself is used as the lock. Great idea. Will have to try my firefly q6 with it for the heck of it. Great review. I agree.

  3. justin, aside from the Hubsan H501, bugs series drones and Traxxas Aton do you know of any gps drones that uses non proprietary lipos? any that has collision avoidance? so far the non proprietary lipo is a big factor at least for me when choosing a drone.

  4. Always great reviews Justin! I miss you on my channel you never come comment anymore ๐Ÿ™ this is NorCal Rob from Facebook. The team captain for a chinahobbyline sponsorship program. Was thinking maybe you want to test our batteries on your Channel do a review? Hit me up on Facebook.

  5. Good job on the video Justin. Love my Bugsssss. The Bugs 3 and this Bugs 2C both are excellent quads from MJX, best toy grades out there. Good prices too typically. Thanks. Jeff


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