Beginners Guide To Meal Prep | Step By Step Guide


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  1. Thank you very much for making this video I'm new to bodybuilding and could use all the help I could get you sir are a credit to fitness making videos that are easy to understand and informative

  2. Prepping that far in advance doesn't work ….sundays chicken on Friday ….nah dude …. 3 days max ….
    And baking or cooking chicken breast only takes 45 minutes when you stand in front of it and watch it cook ….
    However , I appreciate the vid and helping others

  3. omg lol is this how man in the kitchen them damn scissors are for like Cheetos or like I don't know to cut by your know popcorn bags or something like that you don't want to end up ripping are using your teeth with but not no meat who uses scissors to cut the meat lol


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