Beginners guide to Building an FPV racing quadcopter.


Beginners guide to building an awesome high performance FPV racing drone. If you are unsure of what parts to get or what makes a good quad then this is …


  1. Amazing video! I have a question.. I'm thinking on buying this exact same kit. Is it possible to add a fatshark teleporter v5? Or is it to much? And can you also add Turnigy Evolution Digital For your radio?

  2. Why is the original ESC wires replaced? They look like they are the same lenght as the ones thats soldered on to go to the PDB? Additionally would it be possible to splice the ESC to Motor wiring instead of soldering directly to the ESC?

  3. also how to get your fpv equipment going would be awsome too how to make everything talk to each other also how to hook up an OSD or at they very least a low voltage alarm how do you know when your Batts are getting low?? also for the quadcopter that alow for 3s or 4s can you just swap out the 3s for a 4s or do you have to do something forster like make difrent connections or something like this? I know I ask a lot of questions but this is how I learn and I'm really new to the hobby thanks again

  4. hey there new sub I'm getting into fpv I can fly a quadcopter but wanting to get into fpv race quads. I would like to know we're you get your little servo connectors you use all the time? if you need them and there not in the kits which I was under the impression you got everything you needed in the kit but I guess not. also how do you connect your flight controller to program your esc and everything and what program to use you talk about Bettany flight and clean flight and some other one for esc I'm not sure how all that works. could you do a video on how to connect all that stuff and how to download and use these various programs please? thanks in advance. love the videos they definitely are inspiring me to get into the hobby. I love flying my toy drone outside and look forward to being my phantom and building a race quad I love all these quadcopters!

  5. After shorting out the FC, completely ruining my PDB, buying new parts, getting a refund for goggles that never showed up, buying new goggles, realising had the FSiA6 receiver and not the FSiA6B for ppm, and now today ordering a new ESC after one kept making the motor stutter and the ESC shutdown…. I can't remember where i was going with this but i'll finish this quad eventually!

  6. stu plz answer my question wtf is a bec?! I just ordered escs the littlebee 20a and they say they they don't have bec….I'm confused tell me if it is necessary lol

  7. just saying I been watching a ton of drone videos last few months. getting a dji phantom soon. started off on little tiny helicopter now a little indoor outdoor toy quadcopter and I love it. been watching alot of your videos lately! and I gotta say your getting my more and more interested in learning to fly an fpv racer because of you. I know this message is long but wanted to let you know your inspiring me and other to get into this hobby! Good day from America!

  8. Where did the ground wires from the esc's go? I'm trying to build, and in the video that was closest to my build (different channel), they were un soldered (not used). I have dys 30A, emax rs2205 2300kv's, naze32, martian ii.


  9. As someone who has flown a DJI phantom 3 for a couple years now but no other experience, would you recommend buying a kit like the wizard or building your own as a first racing drone? I have very little experience soldering or with RC devices in general other than my phantom which flies out of the box. I really want to get into this hobby but do not know where to begin!

  10. Big fan here, but honestly this video isn't geared toward beginners. This video and build would require a viewer to have a lot of prior knowledge in order to understand what is going on.

    Since you are such a thorough communicator, maybe you could do a build process for those of us who are truly newbs?


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