Beginner’s Guide: Drone Terminology


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  1. What's 'Diversity'?
    What's 'Fail-safeing'?
    What's the 'Flight Envelope'?
    What are 'Waypoints'?
    What's 'Headless Mode'?
    Tiny Whoop, latency, telemetry, servos, PDBs, ESCs, NAZA, Geofencing, receivers, transmitters, FPV, LOS…

  2. Yeah I didn't like calling them drones either because of the military connotation. But as many tri-copters and hex-copters and even octo-copters started coming out in toy versions it started to become more difficult to keep track of what we are calling them so it just defaulted to 'drone'. I still don't like calling them that to the general public when I'm out and about with them. I'm sure it still triggers a negative connotation in their minds to call them drones.

  3. A drone can be a land, sea, or air vehicle that is remotely or automatically controlled. Calling them quadcopters just specifies the type of drone and is more accurate. Has nothing to do with the use they are put to.

  4. Hey FF you accidentally left the "R" out of Terminology in your flashy graphic title at the opening of the video. Great Video and an awesome idea with all the new pilots from Christmas. One thing that should also be mentioned that in the US most people fly Mode 2 transmitters and as you know it's so important they get that correct one right out of box. Also, thank you for the clarification on Drones and Quads, which is always a good thing to do. I forgot to mention that in my rant…just saying.

  5. I hate the word "drone" which is basically an unmanned aerial vehicle system used by the military, since our multi-rotors kind of fall into that category as well, "drone" stuck to us like some wad of gum off the sidewalk that stuck on your shoes but it came with a bad reputation and a smell we may never shake. I'd like to not use that word, and whenever I get the chance I say something. The quads we fly require us to fly them, which requires you to learn Pilot skills to do so. Drones on the other hand require only an Operator telling it where to go and what to do once it gets there, as the flying is left to the computer to do.

  6. I totally agree with your statement on drone vs kwadcopter! I feel there should be a difference on how people in the military identify their equipment vs those who are in this hobby.

  7. Drone terminology long range fly by click and point or automated flight. One of the reasons why we don't like drone is cause they have been used to kill people. The other is it implies we are not in full control or flown by a computer. With a quadcopter we only have motor control and assisted stabilisation. But we have instantaneous control not on board computer flight control. I other words the flights done by us.

  8. I think the term drone was used by the military to refer to radio controlled planes that were used primarily as targets. Then as they became more sophisticated the same term was used for RC weapons and reconnaissance platforms. My guess as to why it's the preferred term is because it's only a one syllable word and a bit easier to say.

  9. I love watching your videos! Always learn so much even though I know it all. 🙂 I thought pitch right and left was pitch right and left. It's called Aileron. lol My one year anniversary with quads was last month. I always thought they called them drones because of the noise they make. I'm sure someone has the correct explanation.


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