no matter what bag you choose $38 or $200 or more getting a backpack for your drones is a must. list of some bags in order of price URUAV bag link …


  1. I just got this bag like a week ago and I am loving it able to put all my stuff's in one thing. I've actually had to buy more tools so I can have some at home and some want to go that way I can just go out without having to pack up everything love in the backpack one of the greatest decision I made so far

  2. My bag just arrived today. I never thought I needed one until I saw this video. Until now I was satisfied with a cardboard box for the past 2 months. BTw, I have only been in the hobby for 2 months.

  3. Finally, i was waiting for this review for a year now…in the meantime I bought one bag for triathlon which is more sturdy and evenly good. From Decathlon.
    Usually, the only downside of these cheap bags are the compartment velcro, which cannot hold too much and too long. Then you are left out without compartments.

  4. I use a $10 backpack from Walmart. It really does make a difference! I kept forgetting my transmitter, batteries, etc. So it really is sweet being able to bug out and drone! The $10 bag holds stuff, nothing too special, but I'm not a special kind of person.

  5. Hi Iโ€™m a big fan of your videos! I have a totally unrelated question. I recently bought the inductrix fpv plus tiny whoop drone with the spectrum DX6e transmitter. And was looking into buying a bigger and better racing drone that I can easily just plug in the receiver, bind it, and fly. Also with a cheap price, thank you so much if you read this and may be able to send me in the right direction. Thx!

  6. Not bad for the price great starter bag, I have the Lowepro CS400 and I love it I feel like you really need a hard casing to protect your precious gear itโ€™s worth it I only spent $50USD at Best Buy


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