Beginner drone with camera Holy Stone HS110D


I think this is an awesome drone for beginners the camera is way better than you would think and the app for this drone is incredible …


  1. I just bought one of these for my friend he bought a drone off a guy and it didn't work he was pretty bummed out about it so I went onto Amazon and bought him this, came here to check out the reviews. And it looks like I may have gotten a good one. Thanks for the review man.

  2. the book is your log book for your flying time and notes like what was the temperature what's it like out how long you flew for shit it like that and how long did the battery last.

  3. I am finding that let’s say I record a 3 minute video via WiFi to my phone, when I play back the video, it seems like it pauses every few seconds, and is virtually unwatchable. Not sure if I am doing something wrong.

  4. Thanks much for the review. My inlaws got my wife and I one for Christmas and seems really cool. Played around with it for a few mins indoors, but can't wait to take it outside when it's not raining. Cheers, merry Christmas

  5. I use the dji spark as my travel drone. it shoots in 1080p 30fps and it like a mini tank. You can pick one up under $500. Nice video hope to see more drone videos soon.

  6. I bought this drone on a sale from Amazon for about $85. The spare props were a life saver! I love the video quality- granted it could be better but I’ve seen much worse. I did not install the blade guards & took the white plastic lenses off of the arms of the quadcopter to lighten the load. With the cam not connected I can get a solid 11 minute flight from one battery at full charge. Flight time is reduced with the cam connected – unless I’m imagining that. The app is amazing. You can all out pilot the drone using the gyro in your phone! Very good buy for someone looking to get into this hobby at a low cost. Thanks for the video. I hope to see more of your holy stone drone in the future

  7. workin on getting a post card sent.. pole could be there in as few as 2 days.. grrrrrrrr… back has been jacked so i've been bed bound the last few days, missed work, whole deal.. will get to you when I can.. if I miss it.. just do the most honest review you can…

  8. Camera quality is good. The key to getting ok footage with a drone like this (or any drone really) is learning how to be gentle on the sticks so that you are not throwing full stick deflections to make corrections. And learning how to ease into and out of direction changes. You'll get it if you practice.


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