Before You Buy Your First Drone


EVERYTHING you need to know BEFORE you Buy Your First Drone! I’ve owned 10+ drones in the last 7 years and in that time, I’ve learned a lot that I’d like to …


  1. I am still working hard on stuff.. so i wasn't able to watch this because the PS4 is "way over there" but i listened, and i'm glad i did becuz i actually WON a $300 Drone…at Christmas!! It's something i've beeen meaning to search.. i really believe God brought me to your channel because you've inspired me so much these past 7 hours, thank you so much! I've tweeted shared and instagram'd you lol smile .. much love, keldoll ♥

  2. In one of your videos you shared an app for uploading music to vlogs. I believe the app was $3.99 for non copyright music. I can't seem to find that video can you share the resource please

  3. Excellent intro – thanks. I've been looking at the Mavic Air, but one of the things I'd like to try is the VR Goggles that I understand don't work with the Air, only the Pro. It would be cool to get the impression that you're up there flying. Is my information correct that the VR goggles don't work with the Air? And do you know if the upcoming Mavic Pro II will have VR mode, but also all the extra features that the Air has (extra sensors, modes, etc)?

  4. Great video David, I own a Mavic Air as well. I am very happy with it except one thing. Sometimes i lose signal (especially when i am filming buildings and especially stadiums which is my passion) You are a very experienced drone pilot. Don't you think Mavic Air needed to have occusync in order to have a better range? and it's not a deal breaker for you?


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