Bebop Drone Full Review!


The Bebop drone is one of the sleeker & lighter drones on the market but how does it stack up to the other drones on the market like the DJI Phantom, BLADE …


  1. For all ios users, i there is a app developer "michele vagnetti" who is making very nice apps, for example, you can buy an app, to make 360* pictures, follow me, fpv and much more functions

  2. I was looking for a good review on youtube that answered all my questions but they all have a huge long intro and its very boring but this video answered them all and helped me alot thanks!!

  3. Is this an advertisement, or a review? Alot of the other reviewers are having issues with the drone in their vids, especially with MW Technology's sample that was pretty faulty. If they have ironed the bugs out in the meantime please let me know because I plan on getting the skycontroller edition soon for 300$ which seems cheap to me. Almost too cheap.

  4. Great review! You mentioned the max altitude of 450 feet… How high did you get yours during testing? Also did you ever test what it does when it loses connection? Does it return home to its gps? I just bought one and i'm a bit afraid of losing it but I want to go higher than the 30 to 40 feet range that I'm currently staying in lol. Thanks

  5. You might have had a good experience with your drone, but I'm not to impressed with the connectivity. The bebop drone disconnects very randomly from my phone and usually ends up crashing. I am positive that this happens to other people because there is a video on verge that discusses the same issue. Reply if you find this problem as well.

  6. I also own a Bebop, and as you say, using a phone as a controller is convenient and usable.
    But I've attached an Xbox 360 controller to my rooted android phone via usb.
    The FreeFlight app lets you use it without any extra config, and I find it much easier to fly with.


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