Bayangtoys X5C-1 Drone Test Flight Review


This $44 copy of the Syma X5C-1 quadcopter may be better than the original, with increased range and maneuverability ! Find it here on Amazon …


  1. love your videos, been watching all weekend, I just purchased a furibee f36 thanks to your vids, I was going to get a syma x11 but I think I ended up buying a bayangtoy X5 C1 for about 13 dollars on eBay. I'm excited and worried at the same time. this video gives me peace of mind that the device I purchased won't end up being complete crap, but I guess you get what you pay for. wish me luck.

  2. Hi Steve, your vids are great.
    I got one of these for xmas and getting pretty good with it. Doing some reading throughout the net and watching your vids, I ran across "headless/non-headless mode. Do you know if this model can toggle between those 2 modes? I read somewhere that you think thumbsticks, down to the left will toggle between the modes. This would be handy when teaching my daughter how to fly. She is flying a little now, inside, but I don't want her having to worry about orientation of the quad.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. hey Steve ,im a beginner and i ordered Syma X5C-1 based on your recommendation
    but today i realized that i mistakenly ordered this one instead of Syma and i was really depressed and pissed off
    do you think it will works for me as a beginner?
    and one another thing , i watched another review for this drone and that dude said that the switch on the left under the left stick is to activate the headless mode and back home , can you confirm that?
    note: i have not received the package yet

  4. Nice video! My daughter got this drone for Christmas and both her and I are having fun with it. The drone does flash its lights when it is low on battery, usually 30 seconds left before it dies. And I got it new batteries so we can now enjoy more flight time!

  5. Lost my first quadcopter yesterday 4 hours after buying it lol, ordered this as my second, other one was a nano quad with headless mode, I'll be more careful this time aha 😀

  6. Is this what happens with cheap quadcopters when the battery drains? They just drop from the sky without warning? What kind of warning are they supposed to have? I'm waiting for my first quadcopter to arrive and among my countless questions this is what worries me the most.

  7. hi! my drone is not recording ! what can i do ?? sometimes files appear on the sd as .avi files and when i try to convert them it fails, only 1 have i been able to convert a video and now it doesnt appear to record anymore, no more file are saved

  8. I have this model and sure hell had lots of fun with it! I am hoping that you can do a review regarding the Bayangtoys X16 (Brushless Quadcopter), I actually ordered one from Gearbest and just waiting for it to arrive. I'm transitioning from toy to hobby grade I hope I've made the right purchase for my next quad. I enjoyed watching your reviews and it really helped me a lot starting off with the hobby, thanks and keep making these great reviews 🙂

  9. HELP ME i already have the quadcopter same as urs I was almost done with the instructions but when i made my remote i made the left nd right lever to the bottom right i heard a beep but no flash from the quadcopter PLS HELP OR REPLY

  10. ok so im buying the X5C-1 2MP quadcopter in my b-day but ok for an exmple i have the quadcopter and i record the video how do i receive the video? should i connect this to the computer or my tablet? to recieve the video? PLS REPLY

  11. Has anyone had problems with the Bayangtoys x8. Im on my second one from gearbest. With the first one by the weather got good enough here in Texas all it did was flip over upside down. The srcond one, after about 8-20 batterys, it too started to flip over upside down. Seems like a motor problem but what is gearbest gonna think ?… please advise !

  12. I bought one of these and a newbie. I live in Ma and currently cold and windy, trying indoors. You said this auto-binds? I can't seem to do a manual bind and when I apply throttle it wants to go sideways instead of straight up. Any tips?
    Thanks love your channel.

  13. Hello again Quadcopter 101, I just want to ask some tips from you about battery life.
    What tips can you give to me to prolong battery life.
    In my current case, I played my x5c-1 once a week, after playing, I charged the batteries 100% then keep it for the next week. Is it ok? thanks.

  14. +Quadcopter 101 I have one of this and I am having some problems regarding the controls. The remote control always lose contact with Quadcopter when it is up in the air (not that high about 30ft) then it will regain back control after few seconds then it will lose contact again. it doesn't happen when it is only 10ft from the ground. all 4 motors are working great and the remote control batteries are all new and working fine. any ideas or suggestion? thanks in advance 🙂

  15. hi i have a question about the charger of bayang x5c-1 its normal that the led light of the charger is shut down. when it is charging? how do i know that it is fullcharge?

  16. Bought this quad for my practice. Flies stable. Mode 2 does not work though. I just had to adapt to mode 1 control. Crashed many times but no prop damages so far. I posted my first flight on my channel.

  17. hi, my bayangtoys x5c-1 is automatically rotating to left, then there is no trimmer for rotate in the transmitter, only forward/backward and sideways, is there a solution for this? i was wondering if it can be connected to other transmitter like syma transmitter for x8w?


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