Battletech Campaign Let’s Play – Part 8


Let’s play the Battletech campaign! Battletech gameplay involves taking advantage of terrain, positioning, weapon selection, special abilities and more – to …


  1. I think you need to commit to one target better. I think you could have taken out the heavy mech OR the manticore earlier than you did, but you split fire a lot.

  2. Your Shadow Hawk has 3 missile slots, you can add another one in the torso just watch for the overweight. My shadow Hawk loadout is 2 LRM-10++ and 1 LRM-5+ and a medium laser still has more armor enough.

  3. have seen this exact map before, but it takes dozens for repeats to happen. kind of similar to the first xcom in this respect. maybe once they get the chance they can develop closer to xcom 2 model

  4. So if i understand this correctly…when your Shadowhawk was as beat up as it was, it would have actually been the safest play to move it back and facing its' back towards the enemy. It doesn't have much armor on the back, but unlike the front at that moment at least it had some 😉

    And yeah, those vehicles are a pain. Manticore is just the first in a line of very dangerous tanks. There will be some vehicles that are just 60-80 tons of weapons that i would trade most mechs for if i could field those tanks instead.

  5. Ambush convoy missions are, hands down, the hardest missions I've encountered so far. Not only are you time crunched, but you're usually facing at least eight opponents, and here is a decent chance of meeting the dreaded SRM carriers, LRM carriers, and even Demolishers. Worse, the only efficient way of killing those vehicles is meleeing them, so you're forced to either slowly wear them down at range (which you don't have time for) or to stomp them, taking more damage in the process. Adding in the defensive lance, the incoming damage is immense.

    I won't take ambush convoy anymore unless absolutely necessary.

  6. Man those tanks can be a hassle too bad the taken damage ended up ending the episode but i understand it is a lot of management that takes a lot of time. do keep making more please 🙂


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