Back in Japan and Buying a Mama-chari Bicycle ママチャリ購入 (New Bike Day!)


My girlfriend Thuong and I successfully made it back into Japan, and one of the first things on our to-do list was to get a mama-chari bicycle for Thuong to use for …


  1. if only all earthlings ride their bikes at work we might all cut pollution that has been damaging our planet earth,,so lets all think of this : biking all day ,,cut pollution away,,,

  2. Talking about bike registration, is it a big deal bringing your own bicycle to Japan if one is a bicycle tourist? Any sort of temporary registration? I know being a tourist, I may not be questioned but I can see where there could be a misunderstanding.

  3. Home centers in Japan have many cool, inexpensive. bikes. If you visit Tokyo – even if only for a couple of weeks – buy a cheap bike instead of renting a car, buying train passes, or taking taxis, and when you leave, just give the bike to someone (along with the receipt).

  4. That’s an awesome bike and fits her nicely! You can tell her when she rides the bike that it reminds me of the beautiful scene with a beautiful actress in the Japanese film.


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