Baby Elfie – The Smallest Pocket Drone | JJRC H37 Mini Unboxing review Camera Flight tutorial


JJRC H37 Mini Aka Baby Elfie is the Smallest drone you can get your hands on and it offers Motion sensing remote to fly it. I take it for a spin to see if it can …


  1. it cost me 70 bucks took like a month to arrive and the third time i was trying to fly it i accidentally hit the fence in my house and broke! so its not a good idea, i ask for help or parts and nothing that was in February oh and the battery is that good the worse was customer service

  2. I have a question: the wi-fi fly (that should have only some meter of range from the controller) is when you pilot the Elfie directly from the smartphone? Or the wi-fi fly is also when you control it with the joystick and meanwhile you look the camera from the phone?


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