Automating Drone Flatland Photos with DroneBlocks


I wanted to share what the DroneBlocks community has come up with in the way of automating the process of acquiring aerial photos for Flatland images.


  1. I tried this code today. It did take all photos but start was strange. I taked of and went in drone blox and started mission. My max altitude was 300 and drone first went to 300ft then came back to 15 and then started. Am i doing something wrong? Also can i fly from one location to another and then start mission or it needs to start from home point?

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Today I tried again to produce the Flatland images! I put the Mavic with the DJI G 4 app into manual focus and manual exposure. However the DroneBlocks App overwrite the manual focus setting and switched it back to AFC mode! Is there a way to avoid that!

  3. Off the chain Dennis! That's some serious photo bending going on. Posted some vids the last couple days, very basic, all about being a noob mostly. But it shows what I have been bugging you about these last couple months. Have a good incoming week and always,

  4. like always you're my best source of drone information. btw can u compare (3DR + raspberry-pi coding) vs (Dji-SDK) like which is safer or which is more crash proof , … things like that in general?

  5. Dennis… I have loaded this mission into droneblocks. When I get to the field, fire up the drone and droneblocks and want to perfectly line this mission up before the flight, is there some way to set up the mission on the map to point exactly in the direction I desire (i.e. along a road)? So far the only way I have found is to align the drone (on the ground) in the preferred direction and initiate the mission. Is there an easier, more precise method? Thanks for all your work.


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