Autel X-Star Premium Drone Rebate/ Personal Experience Review


So after two months of owning the Autel X-Star Premium drone and flying it many times, I can finally give my personal experience of owning a drone. In this video …


  1. Thank you for posting this vid on the xsp! I recently bought the xsp and I'm waiting for it to ship in. I am extremely excited considering the fact that this is my first drone and I've never flown one before lol.. I think you have really dope vlogs man, I sub to your channel please sub back. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the tip on $150 for taking the test. Even if it is not required, like chicken soup, it couldn't hurt! You also covered all the relevant points in your review in a clear and concise way which I think is good. You get a thumbs up from me.

  3. The knowledge test is not required unless you want to fly the drone for profit. All that's needed to legally fly this drone outdoors is registration. That only costs $5.00 and again, does not require passing any sort of test.

    This is nothing against Autel but I have a bone to pick with the FAA. Since we don't carry passengers on our drones, how does requiring passing a pilots knowledge test in order to use drones for profit have anything to do with safety? Furthermore; weather or not we make money by selling our videos to someone, is not the FAAs business. This is an overreach of power. I can fly a drone weighing up to 55 pounds up to 400' from the ground, shoot video at weddings or at homes with it, fly it out as far as I can see it without a license, but as soon as I decide to take someone's money for doing so, I must obtain a solo pilots license to do it legally. First of all, that's a ridiculous law, and secondly, that sounds more like something that might require a business license, which by the way is much easier to obtain. That has nothing to do with what the FAA was intended for. By the way, I have checked, and obtaining that license does not allow you to fly larger drones, fly them any further or higher, or even give you access to drones with more capabilities. It's all about funding the FAA and nothing else. In a nutshell, the only advantage one gains by obtaining this license is to be able to take money for flying their drone.

    Nice video by the way. I just am worried about what kind of restrictions the government is sending up the pike. Let's get together and let our congressmen know how ridiculous this is. By the way, I don't have much of a problem with registering my drone. That $5 registration can help someone get my drone back to me if it ever gets lost somehow. I will say though, that as long as we are responsible with our drones, the government should not have to restrict our hobby.


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