Autel X-Star Drone Review: My First Drone!


Here’s a full review of the Autel X Star Drone which is the first Drone I’ve ever used! Take a look at some 4K video footage as well. Autel X-Star Drone: …


  1. When packed in the carrying case the camera and gimbal is on the bottom. The camera cutout fits snugly, with wear this will put weight on the camera needlessly. I took the foam out of the top and bottom of the case and turned them 180* so now the battery compartment is on the bottom and the camera faces upwards toward the carrying handle.

  2. No the limit is NOT 400' Learn 2 read what the rules ACTUALLY say and look up the FAA letter from July 7 2016 about the 400' "rule". Even for a 107 flight it is 400 foot radius of a structure for example meaning you can fly 400' above a structure if you remain within 400', so you could fly well over a thousand feet AGL if you were flying say over the Sears Tower.

  3. bought my X-Star Premium. flight battery bad out of box cant get any one from Autel Robotics to answer the phone there customer service sucks thank I am taking this thing back would not recommend this to any one

  4. Just Say no until Autel fixes it's bugs.Anyone who believes this hype wow. I own both the phantom 4 and the orange pumpkin. Aka Autel robotics x star premium. Autel's app has video lag wow, their drone is not as stable nor does it have the range again wow. Annoying video interference prompts all the time sub par antennas. And the go home button to go home is fine till you have head wind and the drone just sits there draining you're battery. And if you try to push the right stick forward on the Autel in go home mode  it will still sit there. On Dji in high wind you have two options in go home push the right stick forward. And or fly home in sport mode with gps. That's another thing the dji app let's ya know where you're drone is and you can fly it back home via google maps even gives ya street address numbers satellite or hybrid view. And also a flight log that is re playable to find your drones last location.. With Autel your like where is it??? Also the Autel app is less refined some stuff doesn't work Ios to Andriod. Just say no. 2 different Orange drones same problems. And I returned it both of them. Like I said phantom 4 owner it just doesn't compare. Fly your Autel x star be proud but in high wind it's like flying a orange kite. Very trouble some to bring it back almost lost it 3 times. It's enough for me. I ordered a second phantom 4.. Autel does a few things right nice kit and great support. Other then that it doesn't compare. You get what ya pay for heard that saying in life?

  5. Glad to see you into the quads to Tim!! I've been following you ever since I got into the smartphone thingy. I've been flying quads for a few years now and also have this bird as welll alongside a phantom 3 standard , pro and a Typhoon H plus a couple racing quads.
    Great video!

  6. I have had my Autel X-Star Premium for about 6 months now and what a very impressive set of features and reliability. I cannot give this drone enough compliments. The quality of the camera, ease of flying, exceptional return to home feature and the range of operation just hits it out of the park. It is very important to calibrate the compass and should be followed especially when taking this to new locations. I do need to look into possible lens filters for the camera as when flying in certain light conditions this will help reduce lens flare when shooting into the sun and to help tone down highlights. Cannot wait to see what Autel has in store with new replacement camera options!

  7. Be sure to check the alignment of the antenna on your remote when you fly. Youll want to twist them so the flat parts are facing each other and keep them parallel with each other and slightly bent towards your phone. The manual will have a picture to illustrate.

  8. Tim Schofield has to be the most underrated tech blogger on you tube. I really enjoy his content. There are no fancy animation, corny back ground music. Just upfront get to the point review of the product. I used to enjoy MKBHD but his review seems odd and gimicky now. I don't see any bias. Saying what he doesn't like about a product without bashing it. Very professional in his words. Hopefully he gets more support for his channel and get companies to send him more products to review.

  9. Good review… the left stick right and left is the Yaw function in aviation terms. It would be like using the rudder pedals in a plane or helicopter. Do you know the Range? Did you set the Return to home Altitude? yes, always have extra batteries, 23-27 min is the best you are going to get with any drone in this class. The DJI Phantom 3 series and above is almost exactly the same but they have a 3.1-mile range, and the new Phantom 4 Pro, and Mavic Pro has a 4.3-mile range. Now even if you're not going that far it's good to have the power to bust through hundreds of wife routers if you are near a neighborhood, or Radio, Television, Police, Fire and all the other interference that could cause a fly-a-way. Excellent Video! I'm liking this brand more and more. I just saw the prototype from CES 2017 with 360degree obstacle avoidance. Now that will be the bomb! They have had a dual regular and FLIR camera on it!! If they would just get the range up on the new prototype they would give DJI a real run for the money. Again great job!! 🙂

  10. How far can it go with the live view? EDIT, nevermind I just did some more technical research into it and the range is crazy, some people reporting more than the advertised 1.2mile range because this one uses the 900mhz frequency to transmit video and not the regular 2.4ghz range which can get a lot of interference since everything runs on 2.4ghz. Definitely considering this as my first quad.


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