Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone Review


See part 2 of this review here If picture quality is your most important quality in a drone, the Autel Robotic’s X-Star Premium is the …


  1. I have had my X Star Premium Deone since December. I can not get my Samsung Note 5 to work with the Starlink App. I have talked with Autel customer support 4 times and have not been able to straighten out this issue. I was told that they will check this out and get back to me. No one has ever gotten back to me. I have talked to a couple of customer service reps that seem to know what they are talking about and a couple that have no clue. Their ads always say their customer support is US based but if the reps don't know what they are talking about it doesn't matter where they are from. I paid good money for a drone that I have never flown.

  2. its a drone that flies……like the phantom
    Its a nice orange color………..unlike the phantom
    It charges batteries fast……….like the phantom
    It shows nice video………….like the phantom
    Its got a nice strap to go on it………….unlike the phantom
    It is a nice case thats included…………unlike the phantom
    It has a lcd screen on controller…………unlike the phantom

    If you guys want a basic what the whole video is
    He compares everything to the phantom

  3. had done a little research on the autel drone as I am used to flying yuneec and dji. I hired celebrations of Tampa Bay for my recent Florida wedding. and I am more than happy with the production that they just sent out to us. thanks!

  4. Are the props and batteries interchangeable with the the P3? Can you use the waypoint mode to fly it out of radio range and have it only flying with the onboard gps?

  5. I find your "10 Advantages" over the DJI to be completely subjective and irrelevant. DJI's Lightbridge offers a far better control interaction and feedback. Both the DJI GO and Litchi apps offer features Autel owners can only dream about. If Autel were so great, then why aren't the majority of Professional AP (Drone/UAV) pilots/companies jumping to this less expensive option? I will say that it appears to be better than the Intel backed Yuneec Q500/Typhoon, but that's hardly a ringing endorsement. Cheers.

  6. Nice review. I had the p3 but got rid of it….compared to my p2 dji decided fo use much cheaper materials. My second drone is the blade chroma 4k….fantastic video, way better than the p2 or p3. Looks like Autel is my next buy.

  7. bird is amazing, had mine for a couple weeks, and im very satisfied with it, even though i had phantom and yuneeq before, this one is nose to nose with them.

    great carrying case, cust service is exceptional, plus now, if you buy it from 07-15 to 08-## they send you an extra battery, i bought mine on 07-08, and still will send me my battery, cant ask for more.


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