Autel EVO Drone Review: 4K 60FPS, Ludicrous Mode, Great Dynamic Range. Finally a DJI competitor?


Get the Autel EVO HERE: Fully Graded EVO Footage: ** MY GEAR KIT: …


  1. EVO being available in States only .
    Outside the US the Autel EVO is Not an option **
    The Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom way way more features that do work than the EVO .
    Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom available Globally a DJI Global Market Leader **

  2. Hope Autel would join with Canon or Nikon and put interchangeable lenses. Autel makes a great product, don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it’s already there with the lenses. Just for starters make a universal interchangeable camera connector and let them fight for best camera and sit back while focusing on quality and service.

  3. I got a phantom 3 pro and phantom 4 pro. All the reviews I have watched of Mavic 2 vs Evo,, the Evo comes out as a best drone overall. It’s time to sell my p3p and get me an Evo,

  4. How are they competing when it is the same price or actually more? $995? People are still forced to go with DJI because they know they at least work. This is too new to spend that kinda money on yet.

  5. Where do trolls come from? lol so many trolls in your video already, I get trolls all the time, I couldn't afford any drone for making the documentary Overpriced in my channel. Juan thinks the DJI Mavic has better features and doesn't see any competitive qualities…lol ok does he think the earth is flat? the obstacle avoidance doesn't even work in the mavic on several modes and their 1" sensor doesn't even utilize the 1" sensor, the mavic 2 pro has massive distortion in certain modes, Autel is apparently working on the 1" sensor model so if they come out with that soon the mavic 2 will be so behind considering DJI is the biggest drone company and Autel are newer. I'd love to see what Autel can do if they are given the chance DJI had. My channel isn't big enough for me to purchase an EVO, I won't be surprised to find out the trolls are just DJI fans that only support YouTubers who use DJI products and support communist china and don't want competition. I'd personally give companies a fair chance that aren't in communist China because China ruthlessly suppress human rights and they censor websites and treat people like slaves.

  6. This drone doesn't know how to active track correctly and the camera on it isn't that good either. If I had to rate this drone into a category I would stick it on the Mavic Air level.


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