ATTOP XT-1 – An inexpensive MAVIC Toy Drone – Review


You can purchase this product here: Attop XT-1: coupon code: A9312 ($9 off) RC Moment: coupon code:…


  1. I have had lots of fun with under $50 dollar quads. They are amazingly stable. Yup, it does make you wonder why we are paying soooo much for upper end stuff. Nice review…

  2. Looks like fun. You likely had the camera down too far, but looks like when I could see trees and houses the camera isn't too bad either! Give you credit for flying in this weather! I'm not as brave! LOL

  3. Which clone is the best do you reckon, I've got Mavic and the collection of small drones when I started a couple of years ago, might add one like this just for fun. Nice review, and your house is cool


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