Attaching a Gear 360 Camera to a Mavic Pro Drone + Sample 360 Video Footage


See blog post for more info: In this video I explain how to attach a Gear 360 to a Mavic Pro.


  1. Great video! I'm trying to do the same thing with my great 360 my video is coming in upside down. How do I flip my video so when I'm look down in the 360fram I can see the ground, and look up to see the drone? Right now when I look down I'm really looking up at the drone and when I look up, I'm looking down at the ground. Can you tell me how you fixed this problem?

  2. Tried with the new gear 360 and my P4 just shakes like crazy, like the load is to heavy and your doing it with a mavic. I used a light ruler and 2 tie straps. Once it goes up the whole P4 starts to shake like crazy


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