Armattan Rooster review is one of the best FPV racing drones on the market right now. Fantastic flight performance and an ULTRA TOUGH frame with a lifetime …


  1. Very rarely do I say "just buy it" but in this case I think the rooster is worth every penny. link – Also Massive shout out to armattan for providing a frame to give away to you guys. Check the description for the official rules. ALSO what did you guys think about this video? The complete review? no longer 2 parts? It is something I want to do now that im full time on youtube. Thanks to everyone who signed up to patreon also to support this channel. if that was you, see you over on

  2. I've been researching for a while now in an effort to buy my very first fpv drone, I think I'm sold on this one!!! Great video and superb information!!! I've never won anything in my life, so no worries either way… Thanks, keep up the good work!!!

  3. 4 min fly time? Is that pretty standard!? That seems awfully short. I used to fly r/c planes for much longer than that per flight. Granted it's a completely different airframe type but dang.

  4. hi UAVfutures..!! greetz from Malaysia… super nice rooster, seems quite tough and very responsive for this new new years… i dont have enough money for this armattan.. maybe need to wait another years.. thanks guys!!

  5. Hi Man , thanks for the video,
    I want to get an already built Rooster ,
    would you please help me choose my motors "2306/2450kv" or " 2206/2300kv" ?!
    and choose my VTX " Aomway 200 mv " or " TBS unify pro 5G8 HV SMA " ?!
    plus that what else I might need to order at the same time from Armattan or anywhere else ?! like extra props etc…
    and lastly the range of recommended batteries for the model please,
    thanks a lot in advance for all your help, I do appreciate every single word you would type for me,,

  6. So wait, you guys switched over to Aomway completely? Good for you, because they are MUCH better than "FatSharts". FartShark got way too lazy with their goggles, they thought they had the market locked down. Then again, they sold so many goggles, they can shut down where they are and be happy.


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