Arduino Tutorial: LED Sequential Control- Beginner Project


Arduino Tutorial: LED Sequential Control- Beginner Project Inexpensive Arduino Starter Kit: Link to Arduino IDE: Link to Sketch…


  1. Woohoo! Watching my very own LEDs blink on and off right now! What an exciting thing it is for something so seemingly simple ๐Ÿ˜€
    Next step, change the timing all on my own :O
    (Edit, it worked! Hooray!)

  2. Pls. Help.
    I followed the example, and I even download your code. I don't have any experience in coding, and I'm doing this as a curiosity to teach myself how to "code" anyway. How about installing a button in there and how would you write that? And how about if you're done pressing the button, you let go the button, led turns off. Then press the button again, and it will start from the begging led.

  3. I programed a stepper motor that stop 24 time in one loop.
    Would you know how to turn on an led for each stop ? So 24 blink.
    LED on while motors stops. LED off while motor rotates. Thanx for your great help

  4. I found this video very useful. I am just starting off with Arduino and this is a great first project. Your video was extremely simple to comprehend and I got this running in under 10 minutes. Thank you for taking the time to make such an incredible video.

  5. Another glitch in mine!!! ย i fixed my first problem but then now only two of them are working and they are impossibly dim! ย HELP ME! THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND TIME I USED MY ARDUINO UNO


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