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  1. This is impressive coming from you knowing how much you liked the Aosenma CG035… But it goes to show folks you not in it for sponsorship and you are giving us real review information… never doubted you.. and wanted to say thanks! Go Jay Drone!

  2. What's the difference with this one and that cg033 where the tx is without a screen display in the middle?'Cause the cg033 that you have has got a screen display and different fake antennas. 🙂
    Or I guess these are just the same cg033s with different transmitters.I saw a video with this drone that seems to flew ok,seems like it though.But the transmitter they used was the one without a screen.Thanks.

  3. That is a cell phone calibration, interesting. Wonder is they used an Android cell phone board as the FC.
    As far as jello it's common, it's just most quadcopters and Drones use soft mount and balanced props.
    10-1 it's props are way out of balanced. You can get the same image quality from a Syma X5C-1 and it's only like $40 or so.

  4. Hi Jay, I normally tend to hang back on buying new drones until some one else has done a review, and you've just proved my reasoning here. I think some manufacturers are releasing products without thoroughly testing, or perhaps deliberately getting the customer to pay for testing their products for them! I was looking forward to good things from the CG033, but I think I might and go and spend my money elsewhere. I had a lot of issues with the 1st release of the C-FLY Obtain and it took me nearly 6 months to get a replacement, although the new one seems to be spot on the experience has clouded my view of C-FLY products. Thanks, Mark.

  5. Hi Jay, thanks for your test. You're right the money can save you. I already had my eye on this copter but not anymore. Too many problems. Is there still a quality control at Aosenma? Probably not. The risk is too high for me. I think I will buy the MJX Bugs 2SE which is much better. Your presentation shows it too. I hope you get your money back.


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