Announcing the Droner's Guide to the 2019 Canadian Drone Regulations #canadiandronelaws


I’m excited to introduce my 8-module training series called “The Droner’s Guide to the 2019 Canadian RPAS Regulations”. The Droner’s Guide translates each …


  1. A great job Don !! Your series of videos were very helpful in me obtaining my Basic Certification (not as high of a score as I would have liked). It is very obvious the frustration that is quickly created with the various questions that have nothing to do with flying a drone recreationally. My main objective is for creating cinematic videography and mainly in remote locations. I have a young nephew who wants to get his certification so he can fly a small toy drone (that just exceeds the 250 weight) and do I feel sorry for him and anyone else that is looking for this certification. TC has made it very cumbersome and deterring to folks that are flying recreationally. This process should have been in multiple levels based on your use and the opportunity to increase your level as you learn more. If I had not had a drone already and thought I'd get certified first I would have likely walked away. Very comprehensive process when there could have been so much more direction and education from TC towards the type of device and flying to be conducted. More education from TC would be very helpful. Thanks again for taking the time to put this educational series together. I am sure we would have a lot more frustrated pilots out there if not for your videos. I worry about the folks that do not find your videos and do not get certified and just take their chances. Based on the exam I am sure there will be many out there. My next step is to download your app, another great tool !!

  2. Hello Don,
    Thank you for doing this series, I will definitely watch it. Are you planning to do any videos for the Advanced Operations License? I hope to get my Advanced License and your right, the regulations and study material IS A MESS!!!

  3. Thank you Don ! Looking forward to using this to get my Advanced.. your previous guide helped me with my Basic 88% score ! Thank you , Thank You ! Cheers again from Waterloo !

  4. I look forward to this series. i've been studying from all kinds of other sources (FAA etc.) and it will be nice to find it all in one place. I plan to take the advanced test on line but probably won't do the flight test (Expensive?) and my DJI drone isn't on the advanced list anyway.


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