Amazing Caledonian Pine Forest – Photography in Scotland


After a day of landscape photography in arctic like conditions, Chris Eyre-Walker joins me again as we venture into an undiscovered ancient Caledonian Pine …


  1. Hi Simon, I've been watching your videos for sometime. You and Steve O'Nions are, by far, my favourite YouTube photography channels. This video is a prime example – really exceptional! Keep up the great work!

  2. This video had very inspiring compositions. I need to add a winter scene collection. I think one way to get a good idea is to immerse yourself in the landscape as you have. Thank you for helping me get better and newer ideas for my photography. Here are examples of my work ( I needed to think differently. You helped me do that.

  3. Most people wouldn't even get out in conditions like this. You are a prime example of taking advantage of it and making something unique. The trees as a foreground, the shutter speed to capture the movement of the snow, the whole composition…excellent!

  4. Wow, you finally have gotten my ยซprint-shopping fingerยป twitching eagerly… ๐Ÿ™‚ What a forest and then in such conditions! You also have arrived at a great style videography-wise – including the colors – very addictive. I guess I am not alone among your followers, when I use your videos as a kind of shelter to recover from the over-energetic majority of other youtubers. I am looking forward to some spring sessions!

  5. awesome, I've never seen snow up close, we do have a mountain that occasionally gets snow in winter but I dont have the ability to climb to the top. Im in south of western Australia, born here but have Scottish and English ancestry and have always wanted to go to Scotland. Love your images

  6. Simon — Your enthusiasm is contagious! Wonderful video, a stand-out among many fine videos you've produced. Your choice of music always adds immeasurably to the story, fully supporting the mood. Fine job! Frank

  7. Superb video Simon, I really enjoyed this one!
    You managed to get some amazing shots that day! I believe this kinda makes up for accidentally erasing the images from the day before? ๐Ÿ˜€
    The image of the Bonsai-like Pine is just beautiful. It has a painterly feel to it. Well done!

  8. I've been inspired by your woodland photography, still i dont really know, how to work with it. Later i noticed, the trees and stuff in your Region are in relation way more apart from each other than the trees here in Brandenburg, Germany. Where every tree is "organized" due to forestry authority and they are much more closer to one another. Meh… still trying… =)

    Thanks for your Video.

  9. I wanted to say so much about this video. But I just canโ€™t do it any justice. That forest and the images you captured truly are masterpieces and you have taken some of the BEST winter images I have seen this year. So much detail and the exposure is second to none. Amazing sir.


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